Sensor Products Inc.

Sensor Products Inc. is a world leader in the niche field of tactile surface pressure and force sensors. Established in 1990 and based in Madison NJ, their privately-held firm has over 25 talented professionals. Their sensors are thin film elements that reveal actual contact (interfacial) pressure and distribution between any two mating or impacting surfaces.

Their products are analytical tools used in the manufacturing and R&D processes by engineers and technicians. Sensor Products offers customized and off-the-shelf systems which are installed within all of the Fortune 500 industrial companies as well as thousands of smaller manufacturing firms. They have representatives in 15 countries.

Their products and services can be divided into six main categories:

Sensor Products Inc.

Analog Products

Pressurex, Micro, Thermex, Pressure Points. These products consist of various film-like materials that reveal how pressure (and temperature in some instances) is dispersed between any two contacting or mating surfaces by virtue of a color change in the sensor material. This color change is instantaneous and permanent, rendering a high-resolution archival image of the pressure profile and distribution. These products are conceptually similar to Litmus paper and also like Litmus paper are consumable one-time use sensors.

Sensor Products Inc.

Electronic Pressure Indicators

Tactilus, Bodyfitter, Free-form, Sigma-nip, Cascade. These electronic sensor "skins" reveal pressure between any two interfacing objects, in real-time. Example applications include automotive brakes, ergonomics (seating and bedding sensors), tire tread footprint analysis, roller set pressure (nips), and heat sink pressure profiling. These products are assembled in-house and at various locations around the world. Technologies employed include resistive, capacitive and piezo-resistive materials. Their sensors are both matrix based and single point types. They employ a team of software developers who have created Tactilus® software over the past 3 years. Tactilus is their proprietary user "toolkit" software that interfaces with virtually all of their electronic sensor systems.

Sensor Products Inc.

Optical Imaging systems

Pointscan, Topaq, AutoNis, Pressurex Micro Imaging System. These systems are used in conjunction with the Analog Products (film sensors). Sensor Products optical imaging products render high resolution images and detailed statistical reports as a post-process tool after employing the analog product for more enhanced and detailed analysis.

Sensor Products Inc.

Consulting Services

Sensor Products offers on-site training and consulting services for all of their products as well as two-day technical seminars on topics relevant to the individuals in the industries they serve.

Sensor Products Inc.

Engineering Seminars

Sensor Products subsidiary Seminars for Engineers produces a variety of technical seminars in cities throughout the USA. These are fee based seminars that are primarily targeted towards existing inquirers of their surface sensing products.


Sensor Products produces various grades of impact and damage indicating paints. These microcapsule slurries are coated or sprayed onto various substrates to effectively create a "smart" exterior that records impact or damage events.

Clients and Industries

Their products are used in virtually every manufacturing and design application ranging from medical devices to tire manufacturing to NASA's space shuttle development.

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