Prime Technology's mission is to design and manufacture instruments and electronic systems through innovative engineering in order to surpass their customers' needs and expectations.

Prime Technology has been operating as a manufacturer of precision electronic products for over 40 years.

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Manufacturing Capabilities
Prime Technology is a proprietary manufacturer of precision instruments and systems,  producing commercial, nuclear, and military products. The company's four divisions manufacture products ranging from intricate electromechanical assemblies to state-of-the-art electronics incorporating surface mount (SMT) and chip-on-board (COB) technologies. Prime Technology has invested heavily in production and engineering capabilities in order to be to be a quality manufacturer of its off-the-shelf products. This vertical integration plan has produced facilities capable of producing products to stringent military specifications. The facilities consist of paint rooms, injection molding, machine shop, tool and die, and electronic assembly. Prime's offshore facilities make it possible to produce low cost high volume products, while maintaining Prime's dedication to precision. This philosophy has allowed Prime Technology to maintain complete control of all critical processes required to produce a quality product.

Quality Policy
It is a major objective of Prime Technology to maintain their reputation for leadership in quality. It is Prime Technology's continuing goal to provide products and services that meet or exceed their customers’ requirements. They support continuous improvement by maintaining open communications with their customers, employees, and suppliers.

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Absolute Pressure Sensing System (.pdf) (Sensors, Transducers and Detectors) The Prime Technology Absolute Pressure Tank Level System (APTLS) 9299-00-0000 is designed to meet ASTM F2044-00 and Electric Boat's IDD number SC-SSGN-IDD-726-005. It is designed for use with SSGN's... (View Full Article)
RTD Temperature Sensing System (.pdf) (Sensors, Transducers and Detectors) The Prime Technology RTD Temperature System 9219-00-0002 is a three-channel temperature measuring system that utilizes two RTD Temperature Sensor inputs per channel. The system is being offered for... (View Full Article)