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Mailing Address:
PO Box 668827
Charlotte, NC 28266

Factory Address:
135 Performance Dr
Belmont, NC 28012

fax 704.394.0322



Silent chain and sprockets have been Ramsey’s focus for more than 90 years, and today they remain committed to providing their customers with the world's widest range of top quality silent chain drive products.

Because Ramsey specializes in silent chain, they provide solutions that take full advantage of the benefits silent chain has to offer. Not only does Ramsey offer a full range of standard chains, but they also custom design and manufacture chains to meet their customers’ exact requirements. Ramsey's network of distributors, representatives, and warehouses stretches across the globe, efficiently reaching all customers and fulfilling their silent chain needs.

Engineers at Ramsey Products understand how important it is to choose the right silent chain, also known as inverted tooth chain, and sprockets for each application. They also understand that practical, cost-effective solutions are important to every customer. With this in mind, Ramsey's trained sales and engineering staff are there to assist the customer in selecting the best solution for their needs. Ramsey can replace almost any type of silent chain or sprocket as well. If a job can be done with silent chain, Ramsey will help find the best chain for the job at the lowest possible cost. Contact Ramsey about putting top quality, highly reliable silent chain drives to work for your company.

All chain should be silent.


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