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Industrial Solutions is leading the future of electrification by recognizing today's challenges and helping to solve them. We are expanding our efforts to forge strong relationships with customers around the globe, invest in innovative ideas, and commit to technologies that will help create a cleaner, smarter and more efficient electrical infrastructure.


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Publication Library
Publication Library

Our huge library contains layout drawings, specifications, installation instructions and more
Project Assistant
Project Assistant

Obtain a project specific budget price, specification and equipment drawing in about 15 minutes during the planning stage of your project.
GE Smart Catalog
GE Smart Catalog

GE's auto-updating versions of the BuyLog and Control Catalogs. A smart way to keep your catalogs up to date
GE Smart Catalog
Electric Odyssey Tour

GE is bringing the latest industrial products, services, and aftermarket solutions. The Electric Odyssey Tour will visit 80+ cities and 200+ sites in North America.

Supplier Directory Categories

AC Motor Starters
(1,407 Products)
Circuit Breakers
(11,649 Products)
DC Motor Drives
(39 Products)
Electric Heaters
(257 Products)
Electrical Contactors
(1,413 Products)
Fuse Holders
(7 Products)
(48 Products)
Industrial Heaters
(257 Products)
(1 Product)
Limit Switches
(83 Products)
Linear Solenoids
(116 Products)
Load Centers
(367 Products)
Motion Controllers
(2,646 Products)
Power Transformers
(642 Products)
(119 Products)
Rotary Switches
(642 Products)
Safety Relays
(19 Products)
Serial Cables
(1 Product)
Terminal Blocks
(121 Products)
(3,429 Products)
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