Sabritec is a highly integrated engineering and manufacturing company providing special interconnect solutions for military, aerospace, telecom, space, test and measurement, and commercial applications. Sabritec designs and manufactures a full spectrum of interconnects that include, filter connectors, high speed fibre channel, ethernet, IEEE 1394 Firewire, fiber optic, coax, and triax connectors, contacts and cable assemblies. Sabritec also manufactures custom multipin circular, rack and panel and umbilical launch connectors as well as extreme environmental water proof immersion connectors for sea and military land based equipment applications. Their products span the broad spectrum of interconnects from highly integrated assemblies on military missile systems to microminiature connectors on printed circuit boards. Their connectors provide protection to sensitive avionics electronic systems yet can endure harsh environments that are found in military operations.

Sabritec is known for solving complex problems within tight time constraints. Their in-house capabilities encompass design, development, manufacturing and testing. As an engineering driven company, their staff has in-depth experience in electrical and mechanical design, EMF/RFI/EMP suppression techniques, microwave transmission, high voltage applications, severe environments and material selection. Sabritec manufacture multi-layer thick film ceramic capacitors in house.

Sabritec’s modern 53,000 sq. ft. facility is conveniently located in Irvine, California. Major emphasis is placed on sophisticated computer-controlled precision fabrication equipment. They employ a number of CNC lathes, screw machines, milling machines, and turret machines. Additional capabilities include soldering and brazing, heat-treating, plating and fabrication.

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