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Residential, commercial, and industrial buildings can all suffer from a wide variety problems associated with their design, construction, equipment failures, and external forces. These problems can result in large expenditures to fix things that have gone unnoticed for too long. Even when symptoms are evident, it's often difficult to find the source of the problem. This can result in secondary damage that poses risks to occupants, or leads to destruction of the building. FLIR B-Series infrared cameras are a non-invasive way for inspectors and contractors to quickly find problems and initiate repairs.

Infrared (IR) thermography with FLIR cameras is a non-contact method for detecting the difference in temperature between a problem area and its surroundings. Depending on the underlying cause, the problem area may be warmer or colder than its surroundings. This temperature difference is clearly visible in the camera's image display. A trained operator can immediately home in on the source of the problem and what's causing it – without having to first tear into walls or disassemble equipment.

The FLIR B-Series infrared cameras are excellent tools for Building Diagnostics, Energy Audits, Moisture Detection, Restoration & Remediation, HVAC and plumbing, as well as for Property and Facility Maintenance.

FLIR Simplifies Your Work

FLIR's advanced IR cameras are preferred by building experts for fast, reliable, accurate building diagnosis for the entire range of building problems. FLIR also offers building diagnostics training for a fast payback on your investment. Learn the art and science of using an IR camera as a non-invasive inspection and reporting tool. Take the new online Building IR Basics class offered by the Infrared Training Center (ITC) or one of their other certified IR classes.

Learn more about FLIR's infrared cameras for building applications. Download your FREE copy of our recent Weatherization Webinar.

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