Equipment for processing, manufacturing, handling, inspecting, storing, and transporting raw materials and finished products.
Manufacturing and Process Equipment Categories

Abrasives, Grinding and Finishing (3,550 suppliers)

Equipment and products used for abrading , smoothing, or polishing.

Air Quality (4,677 suppliers)

Instrumentation and equipment used to control the properties and degree of purity of air. These types of equipment include dust collectors, oxidizers, scrubbers and adsorption equipment.

Coating Equipment (8,051 suppliers)

Products to coat and protect surfaces from contamination and corrosion.

Cutting and Forming Tools (10,594 suppliers)

Wide variety of tools for cutting, shaping, forming, and finishing metals and other materials in the manufacturing process.

Electronics and Microelectronics Manufacturing (3,839 suppliers)

Microelectronics and thin film manufacturing equipment including vacuum systems and components, gas delivery systems, deposition systems, photolithography units, etching equipment, annealing furnaces and other accessories.

Environmental Equipment (8,570 suppliers)

Equipment involved in the remediation of environmental factors. Specific aspects covered include water and wastewater treatment, air and groundwater quality analysis, waste processing, and pollution control.

Filtration and Separation Products (8,703 suppliers)

Processing equipment such as centrifuges, clarifiers, and several filter technologies used to filter or separate media of different materials or sizes.

Fluid Processing Equipment (4,564 suppliers)

Any piece of equipment used to monitor, distribute and store process and industrial fluids.

Gas Handling Equipment (1,108 suppliers)

Any piece of equipment used to monitor, distribute, generate, compress and store process and industrial gases.

Hand, Power and Assembly Tools (3,177 suppliers)

Tools, equipment, and supplies for industrial fabrication, assembly, and prototyping.

Heating and Cooling Equipment (27,420 suppliers)

Ovens, furnaces, induction heaters, welding equipment, heat exchangers, fans, blowers, refrigerators, baths and other equipment for heating or cooling materials.

Industrial Cleaning and Surface Preparation (7,707 suppliers)

Equipment and supplies used to refine or roughen a surface to meet surface finish requirements or to clean, strengthen or prepare the surface for additional processing.

Industrial Heaters and Heating Elements (5,905 suppliers)

Electrical resistance heaters or their internal elements; designed to provide an integrated thermal source for products or systems.

Industrial Machine Safeguarding (2,404 suppliers)

Components or systems that protect industrial machinery, operators or moving parts from injury or damage from electrical, mechanical or other potential hazards.

Inspection Tools and Instruments (9,856 suppliers)

Equipment for metrology, inspection and quality control of dimensional features, internal flaw levels, surface characteristics and other industry specialized parameters.

Machine Tools (21,710 suppliers)

Machine tools are power driven machines used to cut, form, or shape metal and other materials.

Manufacturing Equipment and Components (4,245 suppliers)

Equipment and components used for specialized applications. Some examples include wire straightening, lubrication, and the creation of extrusions, pultrusions, castings, and molded shapes.

Molding Equipment and Supplies (1,826 suppliers)

Molding equipment and supplies are used by molding equipment manufacturers and end users.

Process Controllers (7,498 suppliers)

Instruments for monitoring and automatically revising process parameters such as temperature, pressure, force, humidity, level and flow.

Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (7,446 suppliers)

Safety equipment guards personnel or areas from hazardous conditions or mitigates damage. Personal protective equipment protects individuals from personal injury.

Safety Sensors and Switches (1,393 suppliers)

Safety sensors and switches are used in machines and other industrial aplications to safeguard equipment and prevent personal injury.

Solids and Powder Processing Equipment (11,898 suppliers)

Equipment used in the transferring, storing, conditioning and general refinement and handling of solids and powder materials.

Vacuum Equipment (4,742 suppliers)

Vacuum equipment is used for degassing, welding, and the manufacturing of thin films, semiconductors, optics and specialty materials.

Web Handling and Processing Equipment (1,683 suppliers)

Equipment for handling, processing and converting continuous webs of textiles, paper, plastic films, metal sheet or other materials.

Welding Equipment and Supplies (6,007 suppliers)

Equipment and supplies used to weld and solder.


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