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Rugged computers, computer cards, microcontrollers and microprocessors, peripherals and software used in industrial or manufacturing environments, such as in factory floors, engineering offices, and other industrial sites.
Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems Categories

Bus Systems (2,343 suppliers)

A device that has a common pathway along with data and control signals travel between different hardware devices withing a computer system or different computer systems.

Computer Peripherals (13,984 suppliers)

Displays, printers, pointing devices, disk drives, and other input or output computer devices.

Connectors (6,605 suppliers)

Components used in industrial computing applications to conduct and transfer signals or power from one cable to another.

Data Acquisition (1,694 suppliers)

The process and the technology of retrieving data from processes with the purpose of analyzing it.

Desktop Personal Computers (390 suppliers)

Desktop personal computers are small, relatively inexpensive computers designed for an individual user. All are based on the microprocessor technology that enables manufacturers to put an entire CPU on one chip.

Embedded Systems (3,777 suppliers)

Embedded systems include products and components that drive microcontroller and embedded microprocessor-based computer systems. This category includes both the chips and circuit boards that are the focus of the system, as well as the bus-driven accessori

Industrial Computing (9,204 suppliers)

Industrial computing covers distributed client / server computing. Servers are powerful computers or processors dedicated to managing disk drives, printers, automated industrial processes or network traffic. Clients are PCs or workstations on which users.

Mobile Computing (1,002 suppliers)

Mobile computing systems include handheld, portable, or vehicular systems, which offer integrated features such as GPS receivers, cell phones, barcode scanners for data collection, mapping and navigational software, or touch screen displays.

RAID Products (235 suppliers)

RAID products include component within a RAID system, such as RAID controllers and RAID disk arrays.


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