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The Big Data revolution promises to transform how we live, work, and think by enabling process optimization, empowering insight discovery and improving decision-making. The realization of this grand potential relies on the ability to extract value from such massive data through data analytics; machine learning is at its core because of its ability to learn from data and provide data driven insights, decisions, and predictions. However, traditional machine learning approaches were developed in a different era and thus are based upon multiple assumptions, such as the dataset fitting entirely into memory, what unfortunately no longer holds true in this new context.

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The 2017 ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code will be released this July.

Hosted by IHS Markit, ASME leaders discuss key changes to the 2017 edition of the Code.

As an operator, stamp holder, inspector, engineer, quality and other technical professional, you rely on immediate access to the latest information to help ensure safety and compliance. Learn how the changes in the 2017 edition may affect you.

Registrants to the 2017 ASME BPVC Key Changes webcast will also receive first release of the IHS Markit 2017 ASME BPVC Fact Book – packed with critical information about key changes, frequently asked questions, related standards and engineering knowledge and more.

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Posted: 8/10/18 in Transportation
OK, I want one! The wings look kind of small. I suspect there is a fairly high wing loading and high stall speed.
Posted: 8/09/18 in General Discussion
If I cut a male 3/4"-14 NPT thread into 1" carbon steel bar, will it fail when used as part of a pressurized system? The diameter of the top (largest...

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RS Components, Ltd.
Discover the development boards that make up ON Semiconductor’s modular IoT Development Kit. Based on the sophisticated NCS36510 system-on-chip (SoC) with a 32-bit ARM® Cortex® M3 processor core, the IDK has all the necessary hardware resources for constructing IoT systems.

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  • Aug 19, 2018
    Boston, Massachusetts

    One of the largest scientific conferences of the year. The theme of the meeting is "Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Beyond," and a wide range of sessions will focus on breakthroughs in medicine, food, agriculture and other fields. Planned symposia include:

    • Nanomedicines: From Fundamentals to Applications
    • Diet, Health & Gut Microbiome
    • Polymer Science of Everyday Things
    • Synthetic Biology: The State of the Science
    • Precision Genome Engineering
    • Chemistry, Flavor & Health Effects of Teas
    • Confronting the Opioid Epidemic: Novel Treatments for Chronic Pain
    • Women in Nanotechnology
    • Citizen Science & Chemistry
    • Wearable & Implantable Sensors
    • USA-China Symposium on Energy