Equipment used to move or store any type of material; including forklift trucks, cranes, conveyors, winches, hoists or hoisting equipment.

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Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) are designed to perform their operations without direct human guidance. They are used in a wide variety of industrial applications and can be laser, inertially or Cartesian-guided.
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Bin activators and discharge aids are solids feeder valves with integral vibrators to promote material flow and prevent material bridging. They are used to promote the steady flow of granular or powdered materials from storage bins, hoppers, or silos.
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Boom Lifts (112 suppliers)

Boom lifts have an articulating arm or telescopic extension for lifting materials or personnel.
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Bulk handling conveyors carry materials such as grain, coal, pellets or any other powder, granular or bulk media.
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Bulk materials loaders and unloaders are used to fill and remove powders, granular substances and other bulk solids from bags, bins, boxes, carts, drums, hoppers, railcars, trucks, and silos. They often include solids feeders and break down clumps or arches to allow for the more uniform distribution of bulk materials.
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Dock Equipment (422 suppliers)

Dock equipment covers all items that assist in the loading and unloading of materials from trucks to buildings. Dock equipment categories include dock boards, dock bumpers, dock seals, dock levelers, dock lights, dock shelters, dock doors, dock restraints, dock guides, and dock chocks.
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Dock Lifts (103 suppliers)

Dock lifts are platforms used to raise and lower material, personnel and workpieces for loading and positioning.
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Dumpers, tilters and inverters are used to reposition or empty material handling containers.
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Forklift Extensions (31 suppliers)

Forklift Extensions are devices used to extend the length of a forklifts existing forks. They are typically made of structural steel and slip over a forklifts existing forks. They are available in many sizes, finishes and profiles to meet specific applications.
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Forklifts (590 suppliers)

Forklifts are used to engage, lift and transfer palletized loads. They can be divided into eight numbered classes and categorized by drive type. This product area also includes fork trucks.
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Hoists (885 suppliers)

Industrial hoists are lifting and pulling devices that use a cable, rope, or chain to move or lift a load. Hoists are primarily used for vertical lifting, and usually have a feature for ceiling mounting such as a hook or trolley mount.
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Industrial trailers and commercial trailers are pulled behind a powered vehicle to carry goods, livestock, or equipment.
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Industrial Conveyors (2,292 suppliers)

Industrial conveyors are horizontal, inclined, declined, or vertical machinery that transports bulk materials or discrete units from one place to another at a controlled rate.
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Industrial Cranes (959 suppliers)

Industrial cranes raise, shift, and lower loads with a projected, swinging arm or a hoisting apparatus supported on an overhead track.
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Industrial Curtains (90 suppliers)

Industrial curtains separate a work environment with a hanging, flexible material. Products include curtain walls, laser curtains, mesh partitions, privacy screens, stage curtains, and welding curtains.
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Industrial Partitions (244 suppliers)

Industrial partitions are used to divide a larger area into smaller, separate workspaces. Products include curtain walls, laser curtains, stage curtains, welding curtains, room partitions, mesh or security partitions, moveable walls, office cubicles, portable partitions, privacy screens, restroom partitions, and demountable wall partitions.
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Industrial Vehicles (388 suppliers)

Industrial vehicles are driver controlled self propelled vehicles designed for a variety of applications. These include personnel transportation, load carrying as well as other specialty applications.
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Industrial Vibrators (149 suppliers)

Industrial vibrators use rotary or linear motion to provide consistent vibration for laboratory and industrial shakers, screeners and classifiers, and bins and hoppers. They are powered by an electric motor, pneumatic pistons, or hydraulic fluid.
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Industrial Winches (368 suppliers)

Industrial winches are pulling devices that use a wire, rope, cable, strap or web to move heavy loads. They typically use a drum or reel for line storage and are either manually operated or powered by an electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic motor.
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Lift Tables (359 suppliers)

Lift tables are devices used to elevate cumbersome materials or workpieces to an ergonomic and reachable height. Capacity, mobility, and elevation are some of the main factors determining its capabilities.
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Lifting Jacks (390 suppliers)

Lifting jacks are used for leveling or positioning heavy equipment, or for supporting structures. They use screw or cylinder-based actuators and are powered by hydraulic, mechanical, electric, or manual methods.
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Lifts (1,583 suppliers)

Lifts are used to raise and lower material, personnel, vehicles, and workpieces for loading and working positioning.
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Line-shaft Spools (5 suppliers)

Line-shaft spools are mounted to the drive shaft of a line-shaft conveyor. A belt transmits power from the spool to drive individual conveyor rollers.
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Load transfer stations are material handling machines that transfer palletized loads to other pallets, slipsheets, or floor loads.
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Loading Arms (43 suppliers)

Loading arms are used to load liquids into tanks, trucks, railcars, and other vehicles. They are commonly used in fueling and fluid transfer applications.
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Material handling and pneumatic conveying blowers move air through an enclosed system to transport materials. They generate tremendous air flow in a tube (often by a vacuum) to pull granular materials, papers, powders, or pellets from one location to another.
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Material handling automation services provide single source automated equipment and systems solutions for the material handling process.
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Industrial carts and industrial trucks are used to transport equipment or materials within the premises of a facility. They are frequently manually propelled, but motorized version are manufactured. An assortment of carts and trucks are available for a multitude of cargo operations.
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Industrial manipulators are used to move and position materials, products, parts, and tools. Commonly used attachments include hooks, magnets, electromagnets, core grips, suction cups, pneumatic clamps and vacuum pads.
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Order Picking Systems are complete systems comprised of conveyors, data acquisition components and other material handling devices to identify, select and retrieve products for packaging or shipment.  They can be simple pick to light systems to more advanced pick to voice systems. This equipment can also be highly automated for high capacity warehouse applications.
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Overhead Trolleys (87 suppliers)

Overhead trolleys are conveyors that consist of a continuous loop of chain or cable that is suspended from a track. Carriers are attached periodically to hang or contain products.
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Pallet Dispensers (27 suppliers)

Pallet dispensers are pallet storage receptacles that also distribute pallets to optimize palleting activites, floor space, and pallet life, as well as reduce manual collection efforts and improve safety.
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Pallet Jacks (305 suppliers)

Pallet jacks or pallet trucks are used to short-haul pallets or other large items of freight. A piston raises the load enough for the operator to maneuver the cargo; these devices may be derive power from manual, electric, or petrol sources. There are many further varieties.
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Palletizers place goods on pallets in an orderly fashion.
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Parts Accumulators (17 suppliers)

Parts accumulators, also referred to as product accumulators, are used to automate the collection of parts for automated manufacturing equipment.
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Parts Feeders (240 suppliers)

Parts feeders are machines that orient parts so that robots or other automated processes can capture and use or package the parts or components.
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Pick and Place Systems (162 suppliers)

Pick and place systems are manipulators that lift, move and place objects in a desired location.
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Pneumatic Conveyors (178 suppliers)

Pneumatic conveyors are devices that use airflow to move items or media. Products include air tables, pneumatic tube conveyors, and vacuum conveyors.  
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Reach stackers are vehicles that move and stack ISO containers in shipping terminals and ports.
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Reelers and Dereelers are devices used to coil on or dispense from a reel. There are many designs from simple manual devices to automated macines that control tension, backlash and speed.
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Roller Dollies (173 suppliers)

Roller dollies are high capacity, low profile dollies used for moving, shifting, and positioning extremely heavy loads.
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Scissor Lifts (208 suppliers)

Scissor lifts are devices that use a scissor-like mechanism to raise and lower a work platform. This item of material handling equipment conveys personnel and cargo in the vertical plane. Scissor lifts may be stationary, self-propelled, or vehicle mounted.
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Solids Feeders (505 suppliers)

Solids feeders are used to deliver powder, granular and other bulk solid materials along a process line, or to and from process units, storage bins, conveyors and product packaging.
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Stackers and reclaimers are used in stockyards to stack minerals, ore, and other granular raw materials in piles, and then redistribute them for processing and shipment.
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Straddle Carriers (16 suppliers)

Straddle Carriers are non-road-going vehicles that are commonly used to transport and stack ISO containers. These vehicles straddle the load and are capable of stacking ISO containers up to 4 high. They can also be modified to lift and move oversized loa
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Tilt Tables (108 suppliers)

Tilt tables are designed to tilt so that material can be completely removed from them.
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Truck Bodies (102 suppliers)

Truck bodies are assemblies that attach to a truck chassis for tasks such as towing, dumping, or product storage and delivery. Truck body suppliers do not manufacture the vehicle itself. Rather, they build a task-specific assembly that attaches to the chassis of the vehicle.
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Tugs, tow tractors and pushers are used to move rolling items. They are wheeled, self-propelled, and capable of moving heavy loads.
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Turntables (170 suppliers)

Turntables are horizontal, rotatable mechanisms for transferring objects between conveyors that are in angular relation to one another.
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Unit handling conveyors are designed to handle packages, pallets, or any other unit format. They are used to transport large, discrete items that can be handled independently.
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Vacuum Lifters (135 suppliers)

Vacuum lifters are types of lifting equipment that incorporate a vacuum as or as part of the lifting mechanism. They consist of a below-the-hook frame with a large vacuum pad or several smaller suction cups for grabbing large sheets, rolls, plates, or other smooth-surfaced products.
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Vacuum Manipulators (53 suppliers)

Vacuum manipulators include components for moving or positioning wafers or items in vacuum chambers or systems such as mounting devices, load locks, wobble sticks or wafer robots.
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Vehicle Lifts (56 suppliers)

Vehicle lifts are used to lift and support vehicles for service or storage. They may be hydraulic, electric, or manually-actuated.
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Vertical Conveyors (288 suppliers)

Vertical conveyors are used to lift or lower loads between various levels in intermittent flow operations and where horizontal space is limited.  There are two types of vertical conveyors, reciprocating and continuous.
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Vibratory Tables (32 suppliers)

Vibratory tables are table assemblies that are shaken by a vibrator and it is mainly used for fatigue testing, concrete casting, breaking apart, or compaction of media or packaging.  Vibratory tables are also known as vibrating tables or shakeout tables.
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Industrial workbenches and industrial workstations are locations where personnel perform work.  Products range from economy workbenches to cleanroom and electronic assembly benches.
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