Pick and Place Systems Information

Pick and place systems are manipulators that lift, move and place objects in a desired location. They are manually guided in both X and Y directions to place the object. Fine adjustments are made with micrometer screws. There are many different types of pick and place systems. Examples include portable material handling systems, industrial manipulators, pick and place robot manipulators, automated material handling systems, plant wide material handling systems, and pick and place machines. A portable material handling system with rollers, casters or wheels can be easily moved from one location to another. An industrial manipulator is a heavy-duty device for moving and positioning products, tools and materials in factory settings. A pick and place robot manipulator can be used to pick up parts and group them in an orderly manner to form a final package. An automated material handling system requires little operator intervention and provides maximum productivity and efficiency. Plant wide material handling systems are large, complex, and relatively expensive pick and place systems. A more basic pick and place machine may be suitable for small-scale applications.

Specifications, Features and Applications

Pick and place systems differ in terms of specifications, features, and applications. An industrial material handling system may provide a relatively large lifting capacity and be suitable for fluid dispensing applications. Examples of industrial manipulator specifications include lifting capacity, mounting options, and radius of reach. Pick and place systems such as a pick and place robot manipulator have an infeed speed in packs per minute and manipulator performance in cycles per minute. An automated material handling system consists of conveyors, trolleys, and cranes. A pick and place machine can provide dual-drive X and Y axis movement and feature a servo motor that offers a high degree of repeatability. A PCB pick and place system can be used to pick up loads and populate or assemble printed circuit boards (PCBs). These pick and place systems are often programmable and used in SMT assembly. Picking systems that are designed for warehouse application are also able.