Broad category of devices for guiding, sensing, measuring, and controlling single or multi-axis linear and rotary motion.

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Bearings and Bushings (8,143 suppliers)

Mechanical components used to reduce friction and carry loads for rotary or linear motion; include ball and roller bearings, plain bearings, sleeve bushings, and other configurations.

Clutches and Brakes (1,598 suppliers)

Driveline components used to transmit and control power and relative motion between two rotating shafts.

Encoders and Resolvers (1,179 suppliers)

Motion feedback devices providing position and velocity information to closed-loop control systems.

Engines and Components (345 suppliers)

Engines and components are used to convert energy into mechanical force and motion for automotive and industrial applications.

Limit Switches (751 suppliers)

An electromechanical device that requires physical contact of an actuator to make the contacts change state.

Linear Actuators (2,344 suppliers)

Linear actuators provide linear motion via a motor driven ball screw, lead screw, acme screw, or belt drive assembly.

Components used in the assembly of linear or rotary motion systems, such as ball screws, lead screws, slides, stages, and actuators.

Linear Position Sensing (2,314 suppliers)

Devices used to measure the linear displacement of an object.

Devices combining multiple elements of motion control, such as a motor, controller, and drive, into unified single-axis or multi-axis packages.

Magnets (636 suppliers)

A magnet is simply any material capable of attracting iron and producing a magnetic field outside itself, either naturally or induced.

Motor Controls and Drives (5,142 suppliers)

Includes devices for the analog and digital control of motor motion for many types of motors.

Motors (8,048 suppliers)

All types of rotary and linear motors, including AC, DC, servo, stepper, induction, hydraulic, pneumatic motors.

Operator Interfaces (1,521 suppliers)

Display screens, pushbuttons, keyboards, lights, and other control devices used to interact with computers, sensors and other equipments.

Sensors and instruments used to detect rotary position, angular position, tilt, or inclination relative to the horizon or a linear position.

Piezoelectric Devices (185 suppliers)

Piezoelectric devices generate electrical signals in response to vibrations and produce mechanical energy in response to electrical signals.

Pneumatic power sources, actuators and accessories, such as compressors, cylinders, motors, control valves, manifolds, filters, dryers, and regulators.

Linear and rotary positioning tables, carriages, and slides, both powered and unpowered, including integral bearings and guides.

Power Transmission (9,381 suppliers)

Belts and pulleys, sprockets and chains, gears, and other drive components used to transmit power.

Seals (7,160 suppliers)

Mechanical devices used in static or dynamic applications to separate two liquids or gasses or prevent the ingress of contamination.

Mechanical products used to isolate or control the shock or vibration exerted on a component or assembly.

Solenoids (199 suppliers)

Solenoids convert electrical energy into linear or rotary mechanical work via a plunger with an axial stroke in either a push or pull action.

Springs (1,695 suppliers)

Mechanical elements that extend or retract and return to an unloaded position; includes extension, compression, torsion, air and gas springs.



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