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Specialized industrial products are used in agricultural, environmental, biotechnology, broadcasting, clothing, educational, medical, office, food processing, wood processing, mining, transportation, navigation, and public service applications.
Specialized Industrial Products Categories

Defense and Security (1,400 suppliers)

Defense and security includes systems and components used for the surveillance, monitoring, alarming, or restriction of access to a place or resource.

Education and Training (1,042 suppliers)

Education and training includes equipment, hardware, and software designed to assist in teaching a user about a topic or subject area, or how to use a specific piece of equipment.

Energy and Natural Resources (4,802 suppliers)

Energy and natural resources includes materials, components, and equipment used in the production, conversion, and distribution of renewable, alternative, and conventional energy.

Environment (1,565 suppliers)

Environmental products include waste remediation equipment, recycling equipment, wastewater and water treatment equipment.

Food and Beverage (462 suppliers)

Food and beverage products and equipment are used to manufacture and process food and beverages.

Medical (4,395 suppliers)

Medical equipment and supplies are used in medical, dental, hospital, pharmacy, and clinical laboratory applications

Other Industries (1,954 suppliers)

Other Industries represents products used in industrial fringe industries such as agriculture, municipal, and public media production.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology (2,094 suppliers)

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology products are used to process pharmaceutical ingredients, sterilize biomedical components and materials, prepare and analyze cultures or media, and formulate drug or medicinal preparations.

Technical Publications and Standards (1,340 suppliers)

Technical publications and standards includes cataloged standards documents, MSDS forms, technical books, trade journals, trade magazines, on-line tutorials, multimedia training DVDs, analytical reports and other published technical content.

Transportation (1,614 suppliers)

Transportation equipment and parts are used in automotive, marine, aerospace, and rail vehicles.

Uncategorized Products (389 suppliers)

Uncategorized products is an area on Engineering360 used to provide representation for products that are not elsewhere classified.


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