Technical publications and standards includes cataloged standards documents, MSDS forms, technical books, trade journals, trade magazines, on-line tutorials, multimedia training DVDs, analytical reports and other published technical content.

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Analytical Reports (22 suppliers)

Analytical reports provide authoritative research information and insight on a specific issue, problem, industry, country, technology, product, material, or process in order to identify opportunities, handle disasters and avoid financial losses.
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Standards and technical documents includes standards, codes, regulation, handbooks, manuals, comprehensive guides and other formal publications. Standards, codes, and regulation establish uniform specifications, procedures or technical criteria.
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Technical Books (295 suppliers)

Technical books include full-length handbooks, textbooks, manuals, guides, analytical reports, and other comprehensive resources on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
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Technical Journals (265 suppliers)

Technical journals are periodicals with target audiences in the technical, science, and industrial fields. This includes both trade and scholarly journals.
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Trade Magazines (434 suppliers)

Trade magazines are publications with a target demographic of professionals in a certain industry or discipline. They primarily publish articles and analysis of industry technologies, news, regulations, events, and interests.
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Category: Analytical Reports
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