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Technical Books from IHS BRE PressTechnical books provide comprehensive information on specialized technical subjects in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics areas of study. This includes textbooks, schematics, reports, compilations, how-tos, and other bound volumes whose main focus is to impart expertise and knowledge to readers.

Technical books contain a variety of content. Some books deal comprehensively with an entire topic, such as a handbook on the topic of tribology. A volume of this type may cover derivations from scientific principles, modeling and analytical methods, mathematical computations, design guidelines, application examples, and reference data on materials. Other technical books are more specialized and focus on a single aspect of subject matter such as a guide on gear maintenance. They may contain material including safety or setup instructions, maintenance directives, troubleshooting advice, and diagrams.




  • Handbooks
  • Textbooks
  • How-tos
  • Compilations
  • Manuals
  • Guides
  • Reports




Aerospace Industrial and manufacturing engineering
Agriculture Information technology
Automotive Life science
Biomedicine Material science
Business and management Math
Chemical engineering Mechanical engineering
Chemistry Medicine
Civil engineering Military
Computer science and engineering Mining engineering
Economics Nanoscience and technology
Electrical engineering Nutrition
Energy and clean technology Occupational health and safety
Environmental engineering Pharmaceutical science and regulation
Environmental science Physics
Ergonomics and human factors Polymer science
Food science and culinary science Public administration and public policy
Forensics and criminal justice Social sciences
Games and animation Software
General engineering Statistics
Geoscience Veterinary medicine
Healthcare Water science and engineering
Homeland security


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