Engineering360 is the world's largest online destination for engineers, delivering the single source for critical engineering content, information, insight, tools and community for engineers and technical professionals across multiple industries and disciplines.

More than 8 million industry professionals rely on Engineering360 as a trusted resource at every stage of the research, product design and purchasing process. The site delivers a unique information experience, comprised of:

  • News & Analysis – authoritative content, including industry/market news and perspectives, analysis, insights and critical information, driven by a seasoned editorial staff
  • Products & Suppliers – more than122 million parts from suppliers across the industrial sector, searchable by specification
  • Standards Directory – access to metadata and abstracts for 1.6 million standards documents
  • Reference Library – a gateway to more than 95 million engineering documents, including technical articles, reports, publications, patents, and e-books
  • Engineering Community – an established online community in the engineering/industrial space, offering forums, blogs and related resources

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