Contract manufacturers and service companies specializing in the fabrication of custom or proprietary mechanical components and assemblies.

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Coating services and finishing services vendors treat, coat, or plate the surface of a manufactured component.

Cutting Services (3,946 suppliers)

Cutting services use a variety of cutting methods to fashion materials into predefined shapes or sizes.

Services to develop and prototype parts.

Manufacturing of lengths of cross-sectional shapes and profiles; available for a wide variety of materials and material combinations.

Machine Shop Services (14,709 suppliers)

Traditional metal working processes including milling, grinding, lapping, laser machining, CNC machining, micro-machining, water jet machining, EDM machining and others.

Services to fabricate and process materials.

Molding Services (3,980 suppliers)

Creating rubber, plastic, composite, silicone, and metal parts by molding with liquid material or forming solid material using a die.

Part Assembly Services (1,250 suppliers)

Services to assemble parts.

Part Fabrication Services (20,660 suppliers)

Services for the fabrication of parts.