Equipment and components for the capture, processing, display and storage of video signals in analog or digital format.

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Bar Code Devices (1,101 suppliers)

Devices such as scanners and verifiers, used to decode (read) the bar codes stamped on products.

Image Sensors (172 suppliers)

Devices that record images including charge coupled devices (CCD) and CMOS image sensors.

Machine Vision Equipment (2,046 suppliers)

Systems using optical, video and computer hardware for automated inspection and measurement in production environments.

Any type of equipment used to display information in various formats including, digital readouts, indicator lights or panel meters.

Cameras, lenses, controllers, switchers, and other related equipment for image capturing and processing.

Video Equipment (2,945 suppliers)

Equipment for the transfer, routing, and storage of analog and digital video imaging, including recorders, monitors, and servers.