Devices such as scanners and verifiers, used to decode (read) the bar codes stamped on products.

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Barcode Decoders (36 suppliers)

Barcode decoders are hardware devices that convert the information in barcodes to a digital format.
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Barcode Printers (342 suppliers)

Barcode printers are used to output barcode data in printed form.
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Barcode Scanners (519 suppliers)

Barcode scanners are designed to read imprinted bar / matrix code symbologies.  Barcode scanners can be slot card scanners, fixed mount scanners, or hand-held scanners.
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Barcode Software (193 suppliers)

Barcode software identifies or decodes barcode symbology, generates output strings corresponding to barcode values, creates barcode fonts, prints barcodes, and/or performs tracking, etc.
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