Specialized industrial services are used by agricultural, environmental, biotechnology, broadcasting, clothing, educational, medical, office, food processing, wood processing, mining, transportation, navigation, and public service applications.

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Aerospace Services (666 suppliers)

Aerospace services provide design, engineering, testing, maintenance, repair, and manufacturing services to the aerospace industry.
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Agricultural and farming services provide data, consulting, equipment, and supplies to the agricultural industry. This includes university extensions, government agencies, product and service suppliers, and veterinarians, amongst many others.
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Automotive Services (408 suppliers)

Services related to the automotive industry.

Services related to the biotechnical and pharmaceutical industries.

Broadcasting, studio and theatrical services specialize in the planning and production of television shows, radio programs, movies, films, plays, concerts, and other audio or video recordings.
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Education Services (4,728 suppliers)

Education and training services include companies that provide certification programs, specialized training programs, and related seminars.

Energy Services (2,696 suppliers)

Services related to energy production and use.

Environmental Services (6,660 suppliers)

Environmental services include environmental testing, remediation of brown fields, recycling, etc.

Heavy equipment repair services specialize in the repair and maintenance of heavy-duty machines and vehicles typically used in earth moving and construction applications.
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Legal Services (416 suppliers)

Legal services consist of lawyers, law firms, and providers of services related to intellectual property (e.g., patenting, licensing, and trademarking), incorporation, contract development, law suits, and other legal matters.
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Maintenance, repair, and overhaul services, also referred to as MRO services, provide upkeep, restoration, refurbishment, and refit operations to the commercial and military transportation markets.
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Makerspaces (141 suppliers)

Makerspaces provide tools, fabrication equipment, 3D printers, laser cutters, milling machines, design software, electronics, expertise, and other community resources at a physical location to enable makers or members to learn, create, invent, design, experiment, prototype and manufacture novel products and discover new ideas. Maker communities are also know as hackerspaces, fablabs, and DIY spaces.
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Marine repair services offer repair modification alteration, installation, and overhaul services of marine vessels including vessels for naval use.
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Marine Services (341 suppliers)

Marine services provide repair, maintenance, logistics, testing, storage, and transportation services for boats, ships, oil tankers, and other watercraft.
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Medical Services (167 suppliers)

Medical services perform clinical laboratory tests, lease medical equipment to doctors and hospitals, and repair medical machines and equipment.
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Rail Services (168 suppliers)

Rail services provide fleet management, freight management, rail and railcar maintenance, railway and railcar repairs, and rail flaw detection services to the rail industry.
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Utility Services (1,779 suppliers)

Services related to the the design, siting, construction, service, repair, and inspection of electric, water, and sewer utilities.



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