Aerospace Services Information

Aerospace services provide design, engineering, testing, maintenance, repair, and manufacturing services to the aerospace industry. They provide field services, overhauls and repairs, advisory services and assistance, and training systems for aircraft, aircraft engines, propulsion systems, rockets, missiles, and spacecraft. Some aerospace services specialize in the maintenance repair of civilian aircraft or civilian aircraft components. Others service military aircraft such as bombers and attack fighters, helicopters, trainers and transports, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Aircraft Maintenance Management and Logistics Activities

Many aerospace field services perform aircraft maintenance management and logistics activities such as aircraft modifications and upgrades. Overhaul and repair aerospace services have a core competency in spares, component interchangeability, resetting and refurbishing, and phase depots. Aerospace advisory and assistance services offer program management, technical and analytical capabilities, and general support. Aircraft training systems may be used to teach aircraft mechanics and field teams about hardware, spares, and repairs. Often, aerospace services can provide training manuals and other training materials.

Air Traffic Management

Some aerospace services specialize in air traffic management, air traffic services planning, and airport maintenance and operations. Air traffic management and air traffic control (ATC) is designed to separate aircraft to prevent collisions, speed the flow of air traffic, and support pilots as necessary. Aerospace services that maintain and operate municipal and regional airports often specialize in airfield improvement planning activities such as runway extensions and taxiway additions. These companies may also provide airport approach lighting planning, airport emergency planning, and airport financing. Additional aerospace services include airport operations, safety and security improvements; airport pavement renovation planning; and airport safety planning.


In addition to air traffic control (ATC) and airport operations, aerospace services may provide complete aerospace systems design, crisis management planning, disaster response, and economic forecasting activities. Emergency preparedness, environmental protection and aircraft noise mitigation, facility security testing, and false document detection training are additional training activities. Specialty aerospace services may specialize in financial analysis and cost recovery methods, landing approach procedure development, and long-range planning. The preparation of an airport master plan requires a number of specialized activities, including the development and design of procedures, the hiring and oversight of contractors, a full requirements analysis, and safety surveys.


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