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Medical services perform clinical laboratory tests, lease medical equipment to doctors and hospitals, and repair medical machines and equipment. They differ in terms of capabilities, but offer specialized expertise. For example, clinical laboratory services prepare, test, and examine blood and tissue samples to detect diseases, infections, and chemical imbalances. Medical leasing services enable doctor’s office and hospitals to finance the purchase of expensive surgical and medical instruments, surgical appliance and supplies, X-ray equipment, and electromedical devices. Medical equipment repair services rebuild, repair, test and calibrate these different types of medical equipment. Specialized medical services are also available.

Clinical laboratory services use computerized and automated equipment to perform a variety of medical testing activities. These medical services are staffed by clinical laboratory scientists, laboratory assistants, and other highly-trained personnel such as phlebotomists. Clinical laboratory technologists analyze cells, tissues, and body fluids to isolate and identify bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other microorganisms. They also analyze the chemical content of fluids such as blood and urine, count red blood cells and white blood cells, and analyze cell abnormalities. Medical services that perform clinical laboratory tests use microscopes, cell counters, and other types of specialized medical equipment. Some participate in clinical trials or serve as blood banks.

Medical equipment leasing companies are medical services that enable doctors and hospitals to regularly upgrade their medical capabilities as technological advancements occur. As the cost of medical equipment continues to rise, these medical services play a larger and more important role in the healthcare industry. Traditionally, hospitals and health care companies purchased medical equipment through long-term capital loans. Today, medical equipment leasing allows health care organizations to spread the cost of purchases over many years to free-up cash flow and maximize revenue. Medical equipment leasing services are used by hospitals, doctor’s offices, and outpatient surgical facilities across North America and around the world.

Medical equipment repair services rebuild, repair, test and calibrate many different types of medical equipment. Examples include respiratory care equipment such as air cleaners, humidifiers, oxygen concentrators, and steam cleaners; X-ray equipment and X-ray supplies; medical imaging equipment for hospital radiology departments; specialized surgical equipment and surgical supplies; and dental tools, dental equipment, and dental supplies. Medical services that maintain and repair medical billing systems, medical transcription equipment, and computerized medical information systems are also available. Specialized medical services may also perform medical billing activities.

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