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Marine repair servicesMarine repair services offer repair modification alteration, installation, and overhaul services of marine vessels, including vessels for naval use. Marine repair services are equipped to handle every conceivable challenge in ship repair conversion or maintenance.


Marine repair services provide major or emergency ship repair and refurbishing services to a specific location, whether in port or underway. They also offer quality repair services for tugs, barges, fishing vessels, and specialized work boats with modest budgets and repair requirements.

Marine repair services provide a full range of services, including:

  • structural repair
  • welding
  • machinery repair
  • diesel engine repair
  • shaft seal replacement
  • tube renewal
  • hydrostatic testing
  • pump repair
  • piping hydro test
  • valve repair
  • tank re-coating
  • epoxy paint
  • mast-to-boot top
  • ultra high pressure blasting
  • electrical system repair
  • non destructive testing
  • cargo hold cleaning
  • inboard and outboard motor repair
  • fiberglass boat repair
  • off-shore repair
  • all emergency repairs as well

Voyage and small vessel marine repair services specialize in providing a skilled workforce twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, that quickly mobilize to the location. Marine repair services have fully-equipped trucks with portable welding gear and a full complement of tools. Work boats, mobile cranes, and water cranes are available as well. Some marine repair services offer their services locally while also being a part of an association of companies that offer their services worldwide.

Marine repair services employ experts in all marine disciplines, including machinery, piping, structural steel, electrical, rigging, blasting, and coating. Many marine repair services have a decent amount of experience in solving a wide range of marine repair problems from small tugs and barges to large super tankers. Also, all marine repair services work is performed to certified standards of all major international classification societies. All marine repair services work is performed with priorities placed on employee and customer safety, protection of the environment, employee training and advancement opportunities, as well as customer satisfaction.


Marine repair services are used for shipping vessels (container industry, oil industry), military, recreational boat, sailboats, and yachts. From super tankers to cruise ships, marine repair services offer quality service and fast turnarounds. Marine repair services offer mobile equipment and dedicated personnel available around the clock and around the world for minor, major, or emergency repair services to the location.

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