Broadcasting, Studio, and Theatrical Services Information

Broadcasting, studio and theatrical services specialize in the planning and production of television shows, radio programs, movies, films, plays, concerts, and other audio or video recordings. Often, these companies provide video production, cinematography, and cinematic sound services. Video production encompasses the overall project management that is needed to produce a finished video product (such as a TV advertisement) to meet a customer's requirement. Cinematography covers photography services, including both the shooting and development of films and movies. Cinematic sound services provide sound effects for TV shows, movies, films, and other types of entertainment. Broadcasting, studio and theatrical services are located across North America and around the world, but are often clustered in locations with extensive broadcasting, studio and theatre-related activities.

Broadcasting, studio and theatrical services serve a variety of different industries, but may specialize in one or more market segments. For example, news broadcasting services are usually retained by media organizations or newsrooms. Studio and studio equipment services are used by the motion picture industry, or are in the production of independent films. Theater and theater equipment services are also commonly available. Often, these companies provide leased equipment or temporary personnel for live performances such as plays and concerts. Broadcasting, studio and theatrical services may also specialize in non-entertainment applications such as the production of public service announcements, public relations (PR) presentations, marketing materials, and other forms of corporate media.

Some broadcasting, studio and theatrical services rent, lease, or operate equipment such as video production consoles, theatrical lighting, theatrical curtains, and broadcast booths. Others specialize in period costumes and movie sets; lighting equipment such as a light dimmers, stage lights, and spotlights; video production equipment such as cameras and monitors; and sound equipment such as a microphones, microphone stands, and sound stages. Additional examples of supplies that are available from broadcasting, studio and theatrical services depend upon the application, but companies that specialize in editing television or radio programs are common. Typically, these businesses serve corporate clients and non-profit organizations that create, organize, and promote delayed telecasts or programs. Broadcast, studio and theatrical services that can help with the setup and production of live events (such as concerts) are also available.