Services to fabricate and process materials.
Material Fabrication and Processing Services Categories

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services (454 suppliers)

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing services activate pharmaceutical ingredients, sterilize biomedical components and materials, validate processes or packaging, and formulate drug or medicinal preparations on a contract basis.

Ceramic Fabrication Services (236 suppliers)

Ceramic fabrication services produce parts and assemblies made of ceramic or refractory materials for electrical, thermal, optical, wear and mechanical, or structural applications

Chemical Manufacturing and Synthesis Services (349 suppliers)

Chemical manufacturing and synthesis services produce organic chemicals and inorganic chemicals on a contract, toll, customized, or research and development basis.

Cold Isostatic Pressing Services (8 suppliers)

Cold isostatic pressing services apply extremely high pressures using cold isostatic pressing (CIP) or similar technologies to sterilize products or cold compact powders.

Fiberglass Fabrication Services (141 suppliers)

Fiberglass fabrication services include die cutting or converting of glass fabrics, stitching, sewing, draping, laminating, assembly, hand lay-up, spray-up, and other processes for a variety of applications and industries.

Fluid Management Services (36 suppliers)

Fluid management services handle all of the processes in a production plant related to lubricants, metal working coolants, heat transfer fluids, hydraulic oils, solvents, fuels, cleaners, process chemicals and other industrial fluids. Services can include

Foam Fabrication Services (226 suppliers)

Foam fabrication services providers produce products made from foam cores, foam plastic, cushioning foam, closed cell foam, acoustic foam, and polyurethane foam.

Formulation, Blending, and Compounding Services (597 suppliers)

Formulation, blending and compounding services perform custom or contractual processing, development, and/or packaging of bulk materials such as plastics, elastomers, adhesives, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and lubricants.

Glass Fabrication Services (310 suppliers)

Glass fabrication services is the manufacturing of glass parts and assemblies using blowing, casting, extrusion, drawing, pressing, heat shrinking or other fabrication processes.  

High Pressure Processing Services (9 suppliers)

High pressure processing (HPP) is used to treat foods, beverages, proteins, enzymes, and potentially other bioactive materials such as pharmaceuticals. HPP inactivates or destroys food pathogens and spoilage organisms such as bacteria or mold spores.

Hot Isostatic Pressing Services (26 suppliers)

Hot isostatic pressing services apply high pressures and/or temperature to form near net shapes, densify parts, diffusion bond materials, remove internal porosity, and improve the integrity of engineered components. Hot isostatic pressing or HIP uses an argon atmosphere or other gas mixtures heated up to 3000º F and pressurized up to 100,000 psi.

Materials Processing Services (313 suppliers)

Materials processing services mechanically or thermally process metals, thermal ceramics, polymers, glasses and other materials on a contract basis.

Nanoparticle and Powder Processing Services (143 suppliers)

Nanoparticle and powder processing services perform milling, crushing, classifying, screening, grading, atomizing, coating, or production of metal or chemical powders and nanomaterials on a contractual basis.

Nuclear Services (96 suppliers)

Nuclear services companies provide tools, engineering and logistics for the proper monitoring, leak testing, handling and disposal of nuclear materials, instruments and equipment.

Plastic Fabrication Services (491 suppliers)

Plastic fabrication services provide custom machining, bending, forming and assembly of plastic parts.  Companies may use any of several types of joining techniques in assembly such as fasteners, welding and gluing.

Processing Services (1,809 suppliers)

Chemical and material processing services modify chemicals and materials and offer a wide range of services.

Refining and Recovery Services (205 suppliers)

Refining and recovery services include the purification and treatment of oils, fuels, metals and other materials.

Refractory Services (132 suppliers)

Refractory services for manufacturing, installing and repairing refractory shapes or monolithic refractories.

Textile Manufacturing Services (417 suppliers)

Textile manufacturing services produce or process textiles made from a variety of different materials. They differ in terms of capabilities, services, applications, and locations.  

Toll Processing Services (392 suppliers)

Toll processing services distill, dry, mix, or mill chemicals and bulk materials on a contractual basis.


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Category: Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services
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