Plastic Fabrication Services Information

Plastic fabrication services provide custom machining, bending, forming, and assembly of plastic parts. Plastic fabrication services include techniques for forming and fabricating products from Plexiglas, acrylics, polycarbonate, and other polymeric materials.


Plastic fabrication services are used to make all kinds of plastic components, from acrylic sheets for anti-static safety guards to hatches for marine applications to fixture displays for retail stores. Plastics are widely used in aquariums and other large tank applications. A plastic tank manufacturer may fabricate plastic products that are suited to particular environments. For example, a large aquarium must withstand the pressure of tons of water. Or, a chemical storage facility may use plastic fabrication services to create tanks that are chemically inert or resistant.


Plastic fabrication services use a variety of processes to machine plastic components. Plastic products are fabricated using routing, bending, and forming machines. Plastic forming processes include thermoforming, which uses heat to bend and form plastic sheet into particular products. Plastic vacuum forming uses a mold that serves as the guide to shape the plastic. The mold is placed in a machine called a vacuum former and a thin sheet of plastic is clamped in place above the mold. A heater warms the plastic making in malleable and flexible, and the mold is pressed into the warm plastic. A vacuum is used to pump out all of the air from underneath the plastic sheet, forming it tightly against the shape of the mold. Plastic vacuum pressure forming is used to create all kinds of plastic products, from dishes to toys to packaging.


Many plastic fabrication services specialize in the assembly of plastic parts. Plastic assembly is a plastic fabrication service used with production processes such as linear vibration welding, hot plate welding, and infrared and ultrasonic welding to join various plastic components or to join a plastic part with a metal part.