Processing Services Information

Image Credit: InCon Processing LLC.

Chemical and material processing services modify chemicals and materials and offer a wide range of services. These services include the processing of many different material types in both small scale laboratory operations and full size production lots.

Selecting processing service companies requires engineers to consider the types of services offered and materials processed by the company, and also the capacity of the facility.

Types of Services

Processing service companies can provide a number of individual services. The GlobalSpec SpecSearch Database allows users to filter service companies by the types of services offered. Some of the most common include material processing, powder processing, and refining services.

  • Material processing services include any services that handle and modify materials.
  • Powder processing services provide material or chemical powder processing or modification
  • Refining services include the smelting, purification, and alloying of metals and alloys.

Processed Materials

Process development services can be selected based on the material form or specific material type. Material forms include liquids, powders, nanomaterials, bulk solids, granules, webs, continuous stock, and scrap. Specific material types can be classified as either processed chemicals or processed materials.


Processing services can be scaled according to the amount of material they can handle. For most solids and some liquids, capacity is measured on a mass basis. For most gases and many liquids, capacity is measured on a volume basis.


Process development services vary in terms of technological capabilities and the applications they are used for. Examples include atomization and powder production, blending and mixing, calendering, coating, compacting and conversion, compounding, condensation and cooling, crystallization, and distillation. In addition, some process development services perform optimization studies for drying and freeze drying, esterification, evaporation, fermentation and biotransformations, or filtration and extraction.