Nuclear Services Information

Nuclear services provide tools, engineering and logistics for the proper monitoring, leak testing, handling and disposal of nuclear materials, instruments and equipment. There are four basic types of nuclear services. Nuclear field services train technicians at nuclear power plants and support these facilities during power outages. Nuclear engineering services perform design, analysis and development activities which help nuclear power plants comply with regulatory requirements from agencies such as the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Nuclear repair and replacement services are authorized to repair or replace parts and controls at nuclear facilities. They can also supervise the installation of instrumentation and provide advice about plant modernization. Nuclear disposal services specialize in the pickup, handling, transportation and disposal of nuclear waste. Other types of nuclear services perform radiation audits, radiation safety officer (RSO) training, nuclear product training, depot repair, leak tests, and technical support.

Selecting Nuclear Services

Selecting nuclear services requires an understanding of the differences between nuclear field services, nuclear engineering services, and nuclear repair and replacement services. Nuclear field services are licensed radiological inspection services that use robotic, remote-controlled, and non-destructive test (NDT) equipment to identify potential problems that could cause power failures and fueling outages. They test and inspect steam generators and reactor components, and clean and maintain pressurized water reactors. Nuclear engineering services help nuclear power plants comply with regulatory requirements and reduce operational costs. Using various analytical methods, these nuclear services perform structural and thermohydraulic calculations. They also provide expertise in fire protection, radiation protection and environmental issues. Nuclear repair and replacement services repair and replace critical system components, and may also provide automation services.

Nuclear Disposal Services

Nuclear disposal services are nuclear services which are licensed by state and federal authorities to transport radioactive waste from medical, military, and power-producing facilities. Typically, this nuclear waste includes radioactive isotopes, sealed-source nuclear instruments, and discarded source heads, biological shields, smoke alarms, exit signs, cooling water-pipes, and radiation suits. There are two basic types of nuclear waste: low-level and high-level. Nuclear disposal services that transport low-level nuclear waste move materials used in handling the highly-radioactive parts of nuclear reactors. These nuclear services also transport waste from medical procedures such as X-rays and radiation treatments. Nuclear disposal services that move high-level radioactive waste are also available. These companies handle uranium, plutonium, and other highly radioactive products from fission.

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