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 Analytical reports

Analytical reports provide authoritative research information and insight on a specific issue, problem, industry, country, technology, product, material, or process in order to identify opportunities, handle disasters, and avoid financial losses. Analytical reports collect and review information with the goal of forming a conclusion, explaining why something happened or recommending a course of action. Analytical reports attempt to understand and fix problems, offer both information and analysis, and may also include recommendations. They are a hybrid between an informational report and a proposal.


The majority of an analytical report presents a detailed analysis of data gathered through the research methods determined by the authors. Because analytical reports are typically about problems or opportunities, their former proposed solutions, and potential alternative solutions, the analysis focuses on the success or failure of previous situations to address the current problem or opportunity.


An analytical report accomplishes one of three goals:


  • Assesses opportunities: This type informs decision makers about a new and potentially successful endeavor. For this report research of the market and finding examples of other companies in similar situations might influence a path into a new industry.
  • Solves problems: These reports solve problems using previous examples of similar situations and weighing the options between several solutions.
  • Supports decisions: If an organization or business is making a significant decision in the near future, an analytical report can analyze the positive and negative effects of the decision and recommend a course of action based on an aggregation of supporting facts and what effect it will have on the organization.

An analytical report builds towards recommending solutions to the problem or opportunity. The recommended solutions found in the report's conclusion is believed to be most effective or successful at solving the problem or assessing an opportunity.