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InTech, a common trade magazine.Trade magazines or trade journals are periodicals with a target demographic of professionals in a particular industry or discipline. Trade magazines publish news and information on business, technology, and people in the industry. Trade magazines do not delve into deep theoretical or academic topics, which are found in science, technical, and engineering journals. These periodicals provide the reader with professional news, company news and partnerships, market trends and analysis, management changes, new standards or regulations impacting the industry, insight from industry leaders, product and service directories, and product announcements.

These magazines often include employment opportunities and target advertising aimed at industry professionals. They are often published by trade associations and are subsidized by association membership or subscription. Some trade magazines are produced and owned by a publishing house. Publishers may restrain distribution to ensure its magazine is available only to industry insiders or association members. They can be circulated for free to qualified readers or members of the trade association, or sold on a retail or subscription basis. Trade magazines can be distributed via printed and digital media, and many are now deliverable through mobile app versions. Multimedia (e.g. videos, webinars, podcasts) is an essential part of contemporary audience capture.


Articles frequently cover the following topics.

Industry or company news: mergers, acquisitions, and divestures; joint ventures or partnerships; plant openings and closings; production statistics; insight from industry leaders

Association news: association management and staff changes; association chapter news; division news; new standards or codes; lobbying efforts on behalf of the industry

Management changes in the industry: appointments of new leaders (e.g. presidents, CEOs); retirements or terminations of leaders

New technologies and patents impacting the industry: new patents; progress on adoption of new disruptive or leading edge technologies; tips on implementing or integrating new technologies into products or processes; insight on technology and tech trends from industry experts; product news; new product releases; product under development; impact of new product standards, codes, and regulations

Market trends: new applications for existing products or services in the industry; global or country market growth and developments; declining applications or markets displacement other products

Industrial directories and buyer’s guides: buyer's selection guides for equipment, machines, instruments, services, consultants, test labs, and workshops; online equipment cauctions; quotes or bid requests for materials or manufacuturing.

Classifieds and careers sections: job openings; positions wanted and résumé postings; résumé and interview tips; career advice

Industry events calendar: trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, and association and chapter meetings

Education and training resource directories: tutorials courses, webinars, workshops, or hands-on training sessions from publishers, associations, online sources, conferences, educators, or independent trainers, on topics such as business principals, advanced technologies, or management

Advertising and marketing opportunities: promotional materials such as published ads, inserts, announcements, press releases, content marketing, and product placement, as well as digital representations. Media kits help prospective clients ascertain circulation, subscription, and audience sizes, demographs by locations and profession, and effective marketing vehicles.

Blogs: provides partners and users an informal atmosphere to discuss articles, challenges, news, and event

Archives: older published materials saved for future reference


Some example publications include:

Publication Industry
Air framer Aerospace and defence
U.S. Pharmacist Biopharmaceutical and healthcare
Cement Americas Building and construction
Canadian Metalworking Chemicals and materials
Cleanroom Technology Magazine Electronics and semiconductors
SolarPro Magazine Energy and natural resources
The Engineer Design and engineering
Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine Industrial ianufacturing
Modern Materials Handling Materials handling and packaging
Evidence Technology Magazine Quality, testing, and inspection

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International Society of Automation

Product Announcements
NACE International
ASTM International


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