Pneumatic power sources, actuators and accessories, such as compressors, cylinders, motors, control valves, manifolds, filters, dryers, and regulators.
Pneumatics and Pneumatic Components Categories

Aftercoolers (86 suppliers)

Aftercoolers are heat exchangers for cooling the discharge from a compressor.

Air Blow Guns (133 suppliers)

Air blow guns attach to air lines for the manual actuation and/or control of air discharge. They are used primarily for debris removal and purging, non-contact part cleaning and drying, and general laboratory or industrial applications.

Air Compressors (1,113 suppliers)

Air compressors are machines that compress air to higher than atmospheric pressures for delivery to pneumatic or robotic tools, industrial equipment, or direct-use applications.

Air Cylinders (617 suppliers)

Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators that are driven by a pressure differential in the cylinder's chambers. They may be single-acting (with a spring return) or double-acting.

Air Motors (150 suppliers)

Air motors are powered by compressed air. They operate at relatively high speeds in industrial and spark-prohibited applications.

Air Pressure Regulators (381 suppliers)

Air pressure regulators control pressure in air lines (usually adjustable) to remove fluctuations and maintain consistent pressure for pneumatic devices.

Air Valves (753 suppliers)

Air valves allow metered fluid flow in one or both directions. They are used in pneumatic circuits to regulate the rate of activation or exhaust of cylinders and other pneumatic devices.

Compressed Air Dryers (493 suppliers)

Compressed air dryers utilize technologies such as refrigeration, desiccant adsorption, and membrane filtration to remove contaminants, particularly water, from the air.

Compressed Air Filters (513 suppliers)

Compressed air filters are used to remove water, oil, oil vapor, dirt, and other contaminants from a compressed air supply.

Electro-Pneumatic Transducers (88 suppliers)

Electro-pneumatic transducers convert current or voltage input signals to proportional output pressures. They are used as process control elements in valves, pneumatic relays, and flow regulators for applications such as spray and damper control.

Feed Escapements (21 suppliers)

Feed escapements are used for individually feeding parts from hoppers, conveyors, magazines, tracks, and vibratory feeders.

Grippers (271 suppliers)

Grippers activate jaws or fingers to pick up, hold, or move work pieces in an automated or robotic system.

Linear Actuators (753 suppliers)

Electric linear actuators have an output rod that provides linear motion via a motor driven ball screw, lead screw or ACME screw assembly. The actuator's load is attached to the end of a screw or rod and is often unsupported.

Linear Thrusters (77 suppliers)

Linear thrusters use double-acting pneumatic cylinders or hydraulic cylinders mated to shafts and plates to provide reoccurring linear motion They are used in conveying, inspection systems, and lifting applications, or to apply thrust load

Manifolds and Manifold Systems (878 suppliers)

Manifolds and manifold systems are fluid-distribution devices. They range from simple supply chambers with several outlets to multi-chambered flow control units including integral valves and interfaces to electronic networks.

Pneumatic Lubricators (148 suppliers)

Pneumatic lubricators in compressed air lines atomize oil into aerosol form for injection into the air stream to lubricate downstream pneumatic tools, cylinders, motors, and valves.

Pneumatic Relays and Volume Boosters (58 suppliers)

Pneumatic relays and volume boosters control output air flow and pressure in response to a pneumatic input signal.  They can perform simple functions such as boosting or scaling the output, or use complex reversal, biasing, and math function operators.

Pneumatic Rotary Actuators (203 suppliers)

Pneumatic rotary actuators use pressurized air to rotate mechanical components.

Quick Couplers (547 suppliers)

Quick couplers are used in a hydraulic or pneumatic system to quickly connect lines without losing fluid or fluid pressure.

Rodless Cylinders (107 suppliers)

Rodless cylinders are linear devices that use pressurized fluid to move a load within many power transfer operations.

Rotary Unions (123 suppliers)

Rotating unions allow fluids to be transferred between stationary and rotating components or equipment.

Swivel Joints (119 suppliers)

Swivel joints are used in fluid and pneumatic systems that require torsional rotation between flow lines.


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