Industrial Partitions Information

How to Select Industrial PartitionsHow to Select Industrial PartitionsHow to Select Industrial Partitions

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Industrial partitions are used to divide a larger area into smaller, separate workspaces.


Product specifications include height, width, and thickness. In terms of features, some industrial partitions are designed for cleanrooms or are fire-rated. Other products are insulated, sound-rated, or feature a roll-up design.


They are designed with ease of construction in mind and made of lightweight materials. Typically, industrial partitions are made of metals such as:


  • Aluminum
  • Steel, or stainless steel
  • Fabric
  • Glass
  • Vinyl
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Wire
  • Wood 


Types of Industrial Partitions

There are numerous types of industrial partitions including:


  • Curtain walls - Curtain walls or divider curtains are temporary barriers that separate one work area from another. They are hung from above and are clear or solid in color.
  • Laser curtains - Laser curtains are designed to absorb and diffuse laser beams.
  • Stage curtains - Stage curtains are designed to cover the face of a stage. These industrial partitions are also called theatre curtains, drapery, teasers, tormenters, border curtains, and theatre scrims.
  • Welding curtains - Welding curtains are designed to isolate an area to protect workers from weld-flash. Welding screens are self-supported and may be more portable than hanging curtains.
  • Room partitions - Room partitions are used to separate interior spaces for work or privacy.
  • Mesh or security partitions - Mesh or security partitions (cages) are dividers that are used to secure an area or entryway. As their name suggests, they are usually made of mesh.
  • Moveable walls - Moveable walls are floor-to-ceiling dividers that can be moved easily and are used to separate rooms. There are several types of movable walls. These industrial partitions include folding walls, articulated walls, and operable walls.
  • Office cubicles - Office cubicles are used within offices and commercial buildings to partition individual workspaces.
  • Portable partitions - Portable partitions are room dividers that can be quickly moved and reconfigured. Some products interconnect on wheels. Others are a series of free-standing dividers that can be aligned to divide a room.
  • Privacy screens - Privacy screens are temporary, portable industrial partitions that are used to give an area visual privacy.
  • Restroom partitions - Restroom partitions or bathroom partitions are used to divide toilets and urinals for personal privacy.
  • Demountable wall partitions - Also known as modular walls, demountable wall partitions are fixed wall sections. When assembled with other partitions or panels, they form fences, walls or enclosures.