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How to Select Dock EquipmentHow to Select Dock EquipmentHow to Select Dock Equipment

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Dock equipment refers to the items used to assist with the loading and unloading of materials from trucks to buildings. Dock equipment is designed for efficiency and safety in docking areas, even after taking a large degree of abuse. 


Types of Dock Equipment


Dock Boards


Dock boards are a type of dock equipment that is used to bridge the gap between the truck and the dock. Typically, dock boards are flat and made of heavy-duty aluminum or wood. Other materials can be used, but durability and moving weight are issues must be considered. Dock boards may also being referred to as dock platforms or dock plates.


Dock Bumpers


Once the bridge from dock to truck is setup, dock bumpers are used to protect the docking area of a building and truck from the force of a collision.  This type of dock equipment may be mounted onto the building, below the dock opening, or on to the back of a truck.


Dock Doors


When the docking area is not in use, the area is secured by dock doors. Dock doors are usually metal, but can be made of different materials depending on the environment, or based on specific security and safety needs.


Strip doors are material strips (often plastic) that are hung vertically in doorways to control the overall environment of an area. They regulate temperature and the amounts of airborne debris.


Dock Seals


Dock seals are a category of dock equipment that provides a seal between the docking area and the truck.


Dock Levelers


When the truck is connected to the dock, other forms of dock equipment are used to make loading and unloading easier. Dock levelers are connected to the back of the truck to compensate for height differences. Levelers are similar to dock boards, except that they can be expandable or mechanically raised and lowered.


Dock Lights


Dock lights are specialized rugged lighting fixtures that improve visibility in docking areas. This form of docking equipment includes warning and signal lights.


Dock Shelters


Dock shelters and string doors are common types of dock equipment. A dock shelter is an overhang that is used to protect workers and materials while loading or unloading a truck.


Truck Restraints


Truck restraints are used to fix a truck into position at a dock. This form of dock equipment eliminates the risk of a truck from moving during the unloading process. Once a truck is restrained, two types of dock equipment are used to keep it secure.


Wheel Guides


Wheel guides assist with the overall positioning of the truck.


Wheel Chocks


Wheel chocks are wedges that are inserted behind the truck’s tires to prevent the truck from moving.