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Industrial curtainIndustrial curtains separate a work environment with a hanging, flexible material. Products include curtain walls, laser curtains, mesh partitions, privacy screens, stage curtains, and welding curtains.


Materials of construction and dimensions are also important specifications to consider. Most industrial curtains are made of fabric, vinyl, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), wood, or other lightweight materials. Height, width, and thickness are measured in English units such as inches (in.) or feet (ft.) or metric units such as millimeters (mm) or centimeters (cm).


Selecting industrial curtains requires an analysis of product types.

Curtain walls, or divider curtains, are temporary barriers that separate one work area from another. They are hung from above and are clear or solid in color.

Laser curtains are designed to absorb and diffuse laser beams.

Mesh, or security, partitions (cages) are dividers used to secure an area or entryway. As their name suggests, they are usually made of mesh.

Privacy screens are temporary, portable dividers that are used to give an area visual privacy.

Stage curtains are designed to cover the face of a stage. These industrial curtains are also called theater curtains, drapery, teasers, tormenters, border curtains, or theater scrims. 

Welding curtains are designed to isolate an area to protect workers from weld-flash. Welding screens are self-supported and may be more portable than hanging curtains.

Refrigeration curtains are designed to eliminate the loss of cold air that occurs when employees open and close conventional refrigerator doors. In addition to saving energy, these industrial curtains can help to reduce product spoilage and the buildup of frost on coils.

Plastic refrigeration curtains are designed to mount inside of a truck trailer to create a colder interior space. These products are often made of heavy-duty vinyl to block ultraviolet (UV) radiation. 


Some industrial curtains are designed for cleanroom applications or environments. Others are fire-rated or sound-rated. Insulated industrial curtains feature additional material or gapping to provide insulation. Roll-up partitions are mounted above and can be rolled up to open the divided area. Specialty and proprietary industrial curtains, dividers, and partitions are also available from some suppliers.

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