Devices that create, manipulate,and detect light by electrical means such as LEDs, photodiodes, optocouplers, etc.

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Autocollimators (16 suppliers)

Autocollimators are optical instruments that measure angular displacements and are used to align optical components and measure optical and mechanical deflections.
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Autocorrelators (7 suppliers)

Autocorrelators measure the intensity or field autocorrelation function of light. They are used to determine the duration of ultrashort laser pulses in picoseconds or femtoseconds, or to calculate the spectrum of a source of light.
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CCD Image Sensors (58 suppliers)

Charged coupled device (CCD) image sensors are electronic devices that are capable of transforming a light pattern (image) into an electric charge pattern (an electronic image).
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CMOS Image Sensors (82 suppliers)

Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors operate at lower voltages than CCDs, reducing power consumption for portable applications. Analog and digital processing functions can be integrated readily onto the CMOS chip, reducing system package size and overall cost.
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Color Sensors (90 suppliers)

Color sensors register items by contrast, true color, or translucent index. True color sensors are based on one of the color models, most commonly the RGB model (red, green, blue).
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Energy meters measure the total energy of a single pulse and optical power meters measure the average power of a continuous light beam.
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Galvanometer optical scanners are motorized mirror mounts and system used in scanning applications.
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Integrating Spheres (20 suppliers)

Integrating spheres are hollow optical spheres used for measuring the diffuse reflectance or transmittance of objects.
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Laser Beam Analyzers (37 suppliers)

Laser beam analyzers are used to determine the quality of a laser beam.
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LED Flashers (9 suppliers)

LED flashers are semiconductor integrated circuits used to turn on and off groups of LEDs either sequentially or according to a programmed pattern.
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LED mounts and lenses are used to mount LEDs and shape or transfer light output. Other components in this area include LED light pipes, headers, interconnects, and assemblies.
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Light-emitting diodes (LED) are PN junction devices that give off light radiation when biased in the forward direction. LEDs are used in a wide variety of indication applications.
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Lux meters quantify the intensity of a light source, as perceived by the human eye, in foot-candles (fc) or lux (lx).
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Microwave radiometers measure the radiant flux of microwaves. They are commonly used in meteorological applications to provide temperature, humidity, and liquid profiles.
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Optocouplers (136 suppliers)

Optocouplers are capable of transferring an electrical signal between two circuits while isolating the circuits from each other.
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Photoconductive cells are light-sensitive resistors, in which resistance decreases with an increase in light intensity when illuminated.
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Photodiodes (216 suppliers)

Photodiodes are used for the detection of optical power (UV, Visible, and IR) and for the conversion of optical power to electrical power.
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Photomultiplier tubes are good for applications where rapid detection of light or low light detection is necessary.
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Photosensor Modules (74 suppliers)

Photosensor modules are compact light detectors with built-in power supplies. They use photomultiplier tubes, avalanche photodiodes, PN photodiodes, or PIN photodiodes.
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Phototransistors (88 suppliers)

Phototransistors are solid-state light detectors with internal gain that are used to provide analog or digital signals. They detect visible, ultraviolet and near-infrared light from a variety of sources and are more sensitive than photodiodes. This category includes photodarlingtons. 
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Photovoltaic Cells (183 suppliers)

Photovoltaic cells or solar cells generate a voltage when radiant energy falls on the boundary between dissimilar substances.
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Q-switches (26 suppliers)

Q-switches are devices used in the optical resonator of a laser to prevent lasing action until a high level of inversion is achieved in the lasing medium.
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Radiometers (75 suppliers)

Radiometers are used to measure the intensity of electromagnetic radiation (e.g., UVC, UVB, UVA, Vis, and IR). They are univariate devices that do not distinguish between light of different wavelengths. In addition to wavelength range, radiometers carry specifications such as sensor diameter, power range, accuracy, resolution, operating temperature range, and humidity range
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UV Sensors (62 suppliers)

UV sensors are designed to measure the power or intensity of incident ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
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Wavefront Sensors (8 suppliers)

Wavefront sensors measure the aberrations of an optical wavefront.
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Wavelength Meters (9 suppliers)

Wavelength meters are devices that measure the wavelength of electromagnetic waves.
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