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Calibration instruments, standards and references consist of an accurate meter or provide a precision source value.
Calibration Instruments, Standards and Reference Sources Categories

Analytical and Chemical Standards (80 suppliers)

Analytical standards and chemical standards are highly-characterized specimens of drug substances, excipients, impurities, degradation products, dietary supplements, compendial reagents, or performance calibrators.

Calibration and Reference Standards (398 suppliers)

Calibration standards and reference sources include any source that can provide a reference for the calibration of an instrument or comparison of a material or component.

Calibration and Repair Services (1,176 suppliers)

Calibration and repair services are companies that calibrate and repair laboratory and scientific instruments, test and measurement equipment, and industrial sensors.

Calibration and Test Weights (72 suppliers)

Calibration weights and mass standards have a certified mass that is traceable to national or international laboratory standards. Mass standards calibrate scales and weighing instruments and help evaluate material or mechanical properties.

Calibration Instruments (573 suppliers)

Calibration instruments use electrical signals or physical quantities to calibrate sensors and meters. Devices that produce electrical signals can serve as precise meters for sensor calibration, or send output signals to other devices.

Capacitance Standards and Decades (26 suppliers)

Capacitance standards and decades provide a highly accurate standard value of capacitance for calibration and testing.

Color Swatches and Reference Systems (19 suppliers)

Color swatches and reference systems consist of a set or palette of chips, swatches or panels with different colors for calibration of color instruments, painting blending systems, and for color selection.

Decade Boxes and Dividers (51 suppliers)

Decade boxes and dividers provide highly accurate and digitally variable standard values of resistance, capacitance, inductance, voltage and/or current for calibration, comparison and testing.

Fluid Standards and Reference Fluids (12 suppliers)

Viscosity standards and reference fluids are oils, fluids, greases, or gels with stable and verified viscosity values and flow properties for calibration of viscometers, rheometers, and other standards.

Gage Blocks (104 suppliers)

Gage blocks are manufactured to precise gagemaker tolerance grades for calibrating, checking, and setting fixed and comparative gages.

Gas Generation Equipment (335 suppliers)

Gas generation equipment provides an onsite supply of gas, vapor, or humidity (water vapor). It eliminates the need for delivery in gas cylinders, which can be bulky and may have special storage requirements.

Inductance Standards and Decades (16 suppliers)

Inductance standards and decades provide highly accurate and digitally variable standard values of inductance for calibration, comparison and testing.

Instrument Calibration Services (721 suppliers)

Instrument calibration services test equipment and calibrate them to various standards.

Laboratory and Calibration Gases (67 suppliers)

Laboratory and calibration gases are specialized for use as laboratory standards, as well as for detection, sample preparation, environmental monitoring and analysis applications.

Masters and Setting Gages (87 suppliers)

Masters and setting gages provide dimensional standards for calibrating other gages.

Meter Provers and Flow Proving Components (15 suppliers)

Meter provers and flow proving components provide a known traceable volume to simulate actual operating conditions to test and verify the performance of flow meters and transfer meters.

Metrology Fixtures and CMM Fixtures (61 suppliers)

Metrology fixtures and CMM fixtures are used to hold and position parts, probes, or workpieces during dimensional gaging and other measurement operations.

Optical Calibration Standards (24 suppliers)

Optical calibration standards are used to calibrate the optical properties of optical detectors and instruments.

Resistance Standards and Decades (58 suppliers)

Resistance standards and decade boxes provide a highly accurate standard value of resistance for calibration and testing.

Standards and Technical Documents (313 suppliers)

Standards and technical documents includes standards, codes, regulation, handbooks, manuals, comprehensive guides and other formal publications. Standards, codes, and regulation establish uniform specifications, procedures or technical criteria.

Thermocouple Simulators and RTD Simulators (37 suppliers)

Thermocouple simulators and resistance temperature detector (RTD) simulators provide precise standard values of resistance or voltage for simulation and calibration.

Time and Frequency Standards (34 suppliers)

Time standards and frequency standards can include cesium or rubidium atomic clocks, quartz oscillators, hydrogen masers and other master clocks. Time reference sources are used in networks & telecommunications, observatories, utilities and navigation (GPS).

Voltage Dividers and Voltage References (62 suppliers)

Voltage dividers and voltage references provide highly-accurate reference voltages for calibration and testing purposes.


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Category: Analytical and Chemical Standards
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