Devices such as a keyboard or mouse, used to interact with other devices or computers for the purpose of inputting data.

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Barcode Decoders (38 suppliers)

Barcode decoders are hardware devices that convert the information in barcodes to a digital format.
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Barcode Printers (342 suppliers)

Barcode printers are used to output barcode data in printed form.
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Barcode Scanners (528 suppliers)

Barcode scanners are designed to read imprinted bar / matrix code symbologies.  Barcode scanners can be slot card scanners, fixed mount scanners, or hand-held scanners.
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Barcode Software (194 suppliers)

Barcode software identifies or decodes barcode symbology, generates output strings corresponding to barcode values, creates barcode fonts, prints barcodes, and/or performs tracking, etc.
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Biometric devices are used for security and authentication purposes. They are used to authenticate and recognize fingerprints, the retina/iris, faces, hand geometries, and others.
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Blank ID Cards (70 suppliers)

Blank ID cards are designed to have information written on them by encoders that can be read by readers.
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Digitizer Tablets (21 suppliers)

Digitizer tablets or graphics tablets are pressure-sensitive data input devices that allow users to select and draw images with a special pen called a stylus or a mouse-like device called a puck.
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ID card readers and ID card encoders are used to transmit personal information onto various forms of storage media and retrieve this data as needed.
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Magnetic stripe readers and magnetic stripe encoders read and encode magnetic stripe cards, credit cards, etc.
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Optical character recognition (OCR) scanners read handwritten, typed, or printed text from paper and translate the data into a format that can be manipulated by computers.
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RFID Readers (145 suppliers)

RFID readers are devices which interrogate, identify, and amend RFID tags through the use of short-range radio signals. RFID tags assign a unique electronic identity to a physical asset.
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RFID Tags (148 suppliers)

RFID tags are microchips that assign an electronic identity to an article so it can be tracked electronically. RFID tags communicate with RFID readers via short-range radio frequencies. They are sometimes called transponders.
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RFID Transceivers (45 suppliers)

RFID transceivers are combination receiver/transmitter devices that RFID readers and RFID tags use to communicate with each other.
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Category: Barcode Decoders
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