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Mechanical components used to reduce friction and carry loads for rotary or linear motion; include ball and roller bearings, plain bearings, sleeve bushings, and other configurations.
Bearings and Bushings Categories

Aerospace Bearings (84 suppliers)

Aerospace bearings are designed to meet the rigorous demands of aircraft control and aerospace applications.

Air Bearings (30 suppliers)

Air bearings use a thin film of pressurized air to support a load. They do not generate friction.

Angular Contact Bearings (322 suppliers)

Angular contact bearings are designed so that a contact angle between the races and the balls is formed when the bearing is in use.

Babbitt Bearings (40 suppliers)

Babbitt bearings are rotary bearings (no rolling elements) with special alloys poured into place in the bearing housing.

Ball Bearings (717 suppliers)

Ball bearings are used to provide smooth, low friction motion in rotary applications. Ball bearings types include radial ball bearings (deep groove and angular contact) and thrust ball bearings.

Ball Screw Support Bearings (67 suppliers)

Ball screw support bearings are designed for use in ball or lead screw applications.

Ball Transfer Units (BTU) (80 suppliers)

Ball transfer units (BTU) are ball transfer table components that consist of a large, load-bearing ball that sits atop smaller balls inside of a hemispherical cup.

Bearing Components (463 suppliers)

Bearing components are assembled to produce complete bearing assemblies.

Bearing Isolators (45 suppliers)

Bearing isolators are dynamic seals designed to protect bearings from outside contaminants.  They are comprised of a rotor (rotating) and stator (stationary) member.

Cam Followers (159 suppliers)

Cam followers or track rollers are rolling element bearings with either an integral stud or an inseparable inner ring for yoke mounting on a pin or shaft.

Ceramic Balls (72 suppliers)

Ceramic balls are spherical, rolling elements that provide higher stiffness, lower thermal expansion, lighter weight, increased corrosion resistance, and higher electrical resistance than steel balls. They are made from a variety of ceramic materials.

Ceramic Bearings (100 suppliers)

Ceramic hybrid bearings, the most common type of ceramic bearing, are constructed of steel inner and outer rings with ceramic (typically Si3N4) balls in place of steel.  Common types of ceramic bearings are angular contact and conrad.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings (307 suppliers)

Cylindrical roller bearings have high radial-load capacity and moderate thrust loads. They contain rollers which are cylindrically-shaped, but crowned or end-relieved to reduce stress concentrations.

Flange Mounted Bearings (255 suppliers)

Flange mounted bearings are used when a shaft axis is perpendicular to the bearing mounting surface. They are available in 2, 3, or 4-hole configurations.

Hanger Bearings (63 suppliers)

Hanger bearings are used as rotational bearings for drive and screw conveyor shafts that are enclosed with a housing or trough.

Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic Bearings (14 suppliers)

Hydrostatic bearings and hydrodynamic bearings are fluid film bearings that rely on a film of oil or air to create a clearance between the moving and stationary elements.

Insert Bearings (125 suppliers)

Insert bearings and wide inner ring bearings mount to shafts via setscrews or locking collars.

Jewel Bearings, Jewels, and Pivots (24 suppliers)

Jewel bearings, jewels and pivots are miniature components used in instruments and controls requiring low friction, long life and non-magnetic properties.

Lazy Susan Bearings (9 suppliers)

Lazy Susan bearings are used in low-speed applications to rotate a tray, cabinet, table, or display unit.

Linear Bearing Rails (214 suppliers)

Linear guides and rails provide a smooth, precision, guiding surface on which the rolling element of a linear bearing rides.

Linear Bearings (330 suppliers)

Linear bearings are used in applications where a component needs to be moved along a straight line with high accuracy.

Linear Shafts (92 suppliers)

Linear shafts are elongated, rod-shaped devices that provide linear or rotary motion for power transmission applications.

Magnetic Bearings (16 suppliers)

Magnetic bearings use an electromagnet to provide noncontacting, friction-free motion in rotary applications.

Mast Guide Bearings (18 suppliers)

Mast guide bearings are bearings with a thick cross section that are typically used as guide rollers in high radial or thrust load applications. The outer ring is used as a wheel directly against a steel mast rail.

Miniature Bearings and Instrument Bearings (156 suppliers)

Miniature bearings and instrument bearings carry moderate radial and thrust loads at low operating torque while providing high performance in a small envelope design. These types of bearings are single row ball bearings available in up to 1 1/8" outer diameter (OD) sizes

Needle Roller Bearings (287 suppliers)

Needle roller bearings are a type of radial roller bearing with rollers whose length are at least four times their diameter. These bearings are valued for their high load capacity and low sectional height.

Pillow Block Bearings (345 suppliers)

Pillow block bearings are mounted bearings that are used to provide load support for a rotating shaft’s axis. 

Pivot Bearings (14 suppliers)

Pivot bearings are used for pivotal, angular, or oscillating applications.

Plain Bearings and Sleeve Bearings (491 suppliers)

Plain bearings and sleeve bearings (also referred to as bushings or journal bearings) are used to constrain, guide or reduce friction in rotary or linear applications. They function via a sliding action.

Plastic and Rubber Balls (62 suppliers)

Plastic and rubber balls are rolling, spherical elements that have low friction values and require little or no lubrication. They are lighter than metal balls and resistant corrosion and abrasion. Some plastic balls resist high temperatures, but others do not. Rubber balls are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and elasticity.

Plastic Bearings (153 suppliers)

Plastic bearings are used in wet and corrosive environments, clean environments, areas that are difficult to lubricate, and applications that require non-magnetic bearings.

Precision Shafting (80 suppliers)

Precision shafting provides the highest degree of overall accuracy, concentricity, straightness and surface perfection attainable in commercial practice.

Preload Springs, Spacers, and Washers (92 suppliers)

Preload springs, spacers, and washers are meant to maintain tension in an assembly where some slack may be present. Their capabilities can eliminate rattle, compensate for expansion or contraction of the assembly materials, or absorb intermittent shock loads. These products are made of elastic deformable materials, most commonly convoluted ductile, high-strength metal alloys which come in machined, welded, and open-ring varieties.

Radial Ball Bearings (364 suppliers)

Radial ball bearings are friction reduction, rotation devices that carry loads radially around its axis. A subtype of ball bearings, they operate through the use of lubricated steel balls placed between two circular guides. They are frequently called deep-groove bearings.

Rod End Bearings (259 suppliers)

Rod end bearings contain a bearing that can accommodate a shaft or rod with varying misalignment. They attach to a static rod via a threaded shaft.

Roller Bearings (571 suppliers)

Roller bearings are used in rotary applications to replace sliding movement with low friction, rolling motion. The principal types of roller bearings are cylindrical, spherical, and tapered.

Rotary Shafts (155 suppliers)

Rotary shafts are elongated, rod-shaped devices that rotate about a longitudinal axis and transmit torque. They are similar in shape to linear shafts, but are designed to withstand torsional forces.

Slewing Rings and Turntable Bearings (111 suppliers)

Slewing rings and turntable bearings can accommodate axial, radial and moment loads. They are not mounted in a housing or on a shaft, but are instead mounted directly to a seating surface via mounting holes.

Specialty Rotary Bearings (171 suppliers)

Specialty rotary bearings are specialized or proprietary anti-friction bearings that don't belong to a conventional bearing category.

Spherical Plain Bearings (211 suppliers)

Spherical plain bearings accommodate wide-ranging angular misalignment with a ball-and-socket type design. They are frequently used in linkages and control rod applications.

Spherical Roller Bearings (269 suppliers)

Spherical roller bearings are self-aligning bearings ideal for heavy-duty radial and axial loads. They utilize dual roller rows between a concave outer raceway and convex inner raceway to accommodate shaft deflection.

Super Precision and Spindle Bearings (101 suppliers)

Super precision and spindle bearings are high-precision bearings that are designed for use in machine-tool spindles and other precision applications. Most super precision bearings and spindle bearings carry a high quality-rating such as ABEC-7 or ABEC-9, and run coolly and smoothly at high speeds.

Take-up Bearings (104 suppliers)

Take-up bearings are primarily used to correctly tension conveyor belts and systems, or to align tracks.  They are available in three component types: bearing, frame, and take-up assembly (frame with bearing).

Tapered Roller Bearings (349 suppliers)

Tapered roller bearings use rollers with different-sized diameters on each end. The rollers and accompanying bearing components can accomodate axial and radial loads.

Thin-section Bearings (88 suppliers)

Thin-section bearings have small cross-sections with respect to their diameter.

Thrust Bearings (374 suppliers)

Thrust bearings are comprised of components which support axial loads, and little to no radial loads. Types include tapered, cylindrical, spherical, and needle roller thrust bearings, thrust ball bearings, fluid-film thrust bearings, and magnetic thrust bearings.

Thrust Washers (52 suppliers)

Thrust washers are used as a bearing surface for rotary applications.  They are usually made of steel, bronze, plastic, or other material with low friction coefficients.


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