Specialty Rotary Bearings Information



Specialty rotary bearings are non-standard, specialized, or proprietary rotary bearing products.  These bearings are typicallySpecial Series: Wheel Bearing designed for specific applications and may not belong to a conventional bearing type definition.  Some specialty rotary bearings combine elements of standard bearings in one housing, such as a needle roller bearing with a roller thrust bearing.  Others may have a specialized housing unit or se




Specialty rotary bearings are generally constructed of carburized or case-hardened bearing steel which is characterized by a hardened surface (greater than 0.015 in. thick) and a soft core, however other materials such as plastic or ceramic may be used, depending on the bearing application.




Specialty rotary bearings are designed for many speicalized applications:


  • Heavy-duty use in vehicle axles and machine shafts
  • Precision clock parts
  • Dynamometers
  • Conveyors
  • Mining
  • Ship line shafts
  • Other applications 



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