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hanger bearing informationHanger bearings are used as rotational bearings for drive and screw-conveyor shafts. Typically, these industrial shafts are enclosed with a housing or conveyor trough. Hanger bearings are comprised of a split-roller bearing in a cast iron split-housing with a threaded boss that provides suspension for the conveyor cross-bracing. A swivel fixing at the cross-bracing joint is recommended to provide alignment of the bearings. Frames for hanger bearings mount at the top or to the side of the housing. The bearing is suspended to the center for shaft mounting. Hanger bearings are used extensively in agricultural applications and heavy industry. They are also used in automotive assemblies, aircraft assemblies, and marine driveshaft assemblies.


Housings for hanger bearings have one or two-piece (split) construction. Single-piece housings cannot be disassembled. Two-piece or split housings are bolted together and may be disassembled for bearing replacement or general maintenance. Hanger bearings are specified by the inner shaft diameter of the bearing, bearing style (plain or rolling element), housing and frame arrangement and dimensions, and material of their construction. Hanger bearings may be purchased with a frame or separately.

Hanger bearings are made of cast iron, wood, bronze, steel, ceramic, urethane, and a variety of plastics, thermoplastics, and polymers. The material used in hanger bearings should be determined by the application in which they are being used. Bronze hanger bearings are often oil-impregnated for self-lubrication. Wood is the ideal material for intermediate hangers that convey moderately abrasive materials such as slurries, grains, and chemicals.


Hanger bearings are available in two basic styles: plain or rolling element. Plain hanger bearings have continuous surface contact between the inner and outer races. Roller hanger bearings have rolling elements between the inner and outer races to reduce friction.

When working with hanger bearings, it is important to provide continuous lubrication; however, some manufactures offer self-lubricating hanger bearings. Ceramic inserts for hanger bearings are also available. Ceramic hanger bearing inserts can extend the hanger bearing’s lifespan, reduce noise, and can increase journal and shaft life. In addition, air purge seals or other types of seals are recommended to extend the lifespan of hanger bearings.

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