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Lazy Susan bearingsLazy Susan bearings are used in low-speed applications to rotate a tray, cabinet, table, or display unit. One side of the bearing attaches to a base. The other side attaches to the rotating platform. If the base is fixed, Lazy Susan bearings allow the tray, cabinet, table, or display unit to rotate a full 360 degrees. Components include inner and outer rims, a ball bearing race, dimples, and pads.


Applications for Lazy Susan bearings include kitchen cabinets, laboratory cabinets, and repair facilities or workshops. Larger, motor-operated rotating platforms are called turntables. 


Lazy Susan bearings are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as galvanized steel or zinc-plated metals. They are square or round in shape and designed to glide smoothly on ball bearings. Product specifications for Lazy Susan bearings include:

  • size
  • center-hole diameter
  • nominal balanced load capacity
  • suggested turntable approximate diameter
  • standard carton quantity
  • price
  • shipping weight per carton
  • part number

Typically, measurements for Lazy Susan bearings are listed in inches (in.) or fractions of inches. Sizes range from 3 in. to 12 in. and include 4-in., 6-in., and 9-in. products. Metric Lazy Susan bearings may also be available. 


Installing and maintaining Lazy Susan bearings is a multi-step process. After the base plate is marked for blind fastening, holes are drilled for screws. As a rule, the screws must be larger than the holes. Screw length and countersink depth are also important to consider, as overly-long screws can prevent proper plate movement. To ensure proper rotation, Lazy Susan bearings also require lubrication. To protect the bearings and races from sawdust, dirt, paint, and other contaminants, periodic cleaning may be required. 

Lazy Susan bearings include a base plate and a top plate. Larger products are used with speed nuts, components that are designed to slip over the holes and provide a standard thread size. In addition to speed nuts for Lazy Susan bearings, suppliers may offer related products such as side or center flange, clamshell mounted, cushion mounted, or pedestal mounted bearings. Suppliers of Lazy Susan bearings carry a variety of standard products and provide customer support with regard to installation and maintenance.

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