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Instruments and other devices used in testing methods that examine an object, material, or system without impairing its future usefulness. NDT measurements include flaws, thickness, material condition, corrosion, bulk conductivity and others.
Nondestructive Testing Equipment Categories

Biological Microscopes (144 suppliers)

Biological microscopes are used to study organisms and their vital processes.

Corrosion and Electrochemical Instruments (141 suppliers)

Corrosion and electrochemical instruments are designed to measure corrosion and electrochemical conditions in plant machinery, field equipment, batteries, fuel cells, colloids, and other solutions or systems. They use a variety of technologies.

Corrosion Probes, Coupons, and Holders (30 suppliers)

Corrosion probes, corrosion coupons and corrosion coupon holders are corrosion-sensing devices that interface to instruments or monitors.

Densitometers (39 suppliers)

Densitometers measure the optical, photographic or area density of a material. They are used in a wide range of applications, from film processing to medical scans.

Digital and Video Microscopes (215 suppliers)

Digital and video microscopes are instruments that use digital technology to magnify images of objects. They include built-in cameras and a series of high-powered lenses that provide superior image quality and resolution.

Eddy Current Instruments (105 suppliers)

Eddy current instruments are NDT instruments that induce detectable eddy currents in conductive materials. They are used to detect flaws, determine thickness, inspect welds, measure conductivity, and sort alloys.

Eddy Current Probes (53 suppliers)

Eddy current probes induce detectable eddy currents in ferrous and nonferrous material for flaw detection, weld inspection, and other nondestructive test applications.

Electron Microscopes (63 suppliers)

Electron microscopes use a focused beam of electrons instead of light to "image" the specimen and gain information as to its structure and composition.

Flaw Detectors (252 suppliers)

Flaw detectors are used to detect or measure defects in raw materials or finished products. This product area includes fault detectors, NDT instruments that are used to find faults in electrical, mechanical, optical, or other systems.

Gap Sensors and Feeler Gauges (23 suppliers)

Gap sensors and feeler gauges detect or measure the gap or clearance between two components or surfaces such as turbine blades tip clearance, nip or roller gap, lubricant gaps, weld seams, adhesive joints, extruder die gap, spark plug electrodes, mold spacing, and workpiece-fixture gap. Gap sensing products use mechanical feel (feeler gages), air pressure, optical, capacitance or other electronic technologies to sense gaps or clearance.

Industrial Metal Detectors (205 suppliers)

Industrial metal detectors indicate the presence of metal in nonconductive materials such as textiles, rubber, oils or liquids, plastics, powders, wood products and concrete.

Leak Testing Equipment (431 suppliers)

Leak testing equipment is used to measure the escape of liquids, vacuum or gases from sealed components or systems.

Magnifiers (160 suppliers)

Magnifiers enlarge the appearance of objects when viewed through a lens. These facilitate the inspection of fine details and the assembly of small components.

Material Testing Services (854 suppliers)

Material testing services test, analyze, and certify a wide range of materials for purity, chemical compatibility, and environmental impact.

Measuring Microscopes (101 suppliers)

Measuring microscopes are used by toolmakers for measuring the properties of tools.  These microscopes are often used for dimensional measurement with lower magnifying powers to allow for brighter, sharper images combined with a wide field of view.

Metallurgical Microscopes (98 suppliers)

Metallurgical microscopes are used for metallurgical inspection including metals, ceramics, and other materials.

Microscope Stages (72 suppliers)

Microscope stages are platforms where specimens are placed for observation with a microscope. They are often equipped with a mechanical device which holds the specimen slide in place, but allows the back-and-forth and side-to-side movement of the slide.

Microscopes (707 suppliers)

Microscopes are instruments that produce magnified images of small objects

Microscopy and Metallography Sample Preparation Equipment (108 suppliers)

Microscopy sample preparation equipment and metallography sample preparation equipment is used for the preparation of samples for metallographic or microscopic inspection and analysis.

Microtomes (17 suppliers)

Microtomes are machines that cut extremely thin sections from a sample for transmitted electron (TEM) or light microscopy applications.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Conductivity and Resistivity Meters (72 suppliers)

Non-destructive testing (NDT) conductivity meters and resistivity meters are devices for measuring electrical conductivity and/or resistivity of solid media to determine the characteristics of its constituent materials.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Equipment (1,130 suppliers)

Non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment is used to detect, inspect, and measure flaws, bond integrity, and other material conditions without permanently altering or destroying the examined part or product. NDT equipment includes a wide variety of instruments and systems.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Material Testers (143 suppliers)

Non-destructive testing (NDT) material testers are devices, machines and equipment that are used to determine residual stress, alloy type, hardness, microstructure, elasticity, heat treatment and other material conditions without permanently altering or destroying the material being examined.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Probes (105 suppliers)

Nondestructive testing (NDT) probes and sensors include eddy current, ultrasonic, induction, hall effect and EMAT and other specialized transducers.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Services (585 suppliers)

Non-destructive testing (NDT) services use test methods to examine an object, material or system without impairing its future usefulness.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Supplies and Accessories (198 suppliers)

NDT supplies and accessories are components, ancillary equipment, standards, and consumable materials used in non-destructive testing (NDT).

Optical and Light Microscopes (265 suppliers)

Optical and light microscopes use the visible or near-visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to magnify images of objects.

Pulser-Receivers (29 suppliers)

Pulser-receivers generate ultrasonic pulses, which are propagated into materials for NDT testing.

Specialty Microscopes (209 suppliers)

Specialty microscopes are designed for specific applications such as metallurgy or gemology. They use specialized techniques or technologies such as acoustics to produce magnification.

Thickness Gages (380 suppliers)

Thickness gages are used to make precise dimensional measurements on coatings and materials such as steel, plastic, glass, rubber, ceramics, paint, electroplated layers, and enamels.

Tomography and Digital Imaging NDT Systems (98 suppliers)

Tomography and digital imaging NDT systems create 3D images of patients or products by capturing 2D cross-sectional images and applying mathematical or computed reconstruction techniques.

Ultrasonic Instruments (254 suppliers)

Ultrasonic instruments use beams of high frequency, short wave signals to inspect, monitor, and measure materials and components.

Ultrasonic Transducers (163 suppliers)

Ultrasonic transducers send and receive waves for many types of sensing. Examples include distance, proximity, level, nondestructive evaluation, web break detection, counting, and security applications.

X-ray Instruments and X-ray Systems (265 suppliers)

X-ray instruments and X-ray systems use penetrating X-rays or gamma radiation to capture images of the internal structure of a part or finished product.


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