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Embedded systems include products and components that drive microcontroller and embedded microprocessor-based computer systems. This category includes both the chips and circuit boards that are the focus of the system, as well as the bus-driven accessori
Embedded Systems Categories

Carrier Cards and Carrier Boards (72 suppliers)

Carrier cards and carrier boards are slotted so that other modules can be plugged into them. Carrier boards may be "slaves" (non-intelligent) or "intelligent."

Channel Service Units (CSU) and Data Service Units (DSU) (39 suppliers)

Channel service units (CSU) and data service units (DSU) are digital interface devices that connect end user data communications equipment to digital access lines. They also provide framing of sub-64 kbps customer access channels onto higher rate data circuits.

CompactPCI and PXI Products (305 suppliers)

CompactPCI and PXI products are devices that use the CompactPCI (cPCI) and PXI bus standards. Examples include processors, controllers, switches, extenders and interface adapters.

Computer Motherboards (293 suppliers)

Computer motherboards are printed circuit boards (PCBs) that house basic computer circuitry and vital components. They are devices into which other computer boards or cards are plugged.

CPU Cards and Modules (103 suppliers)

CPU cards and modules are computer boards that contain the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer.

Device Programmers (91 suppliers)

Device programmers are used to program nonvolatile memory such as microcontrollers, erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM), programmable logic devices (PLDs), programmable array logic (PAL), generic array logic (GAL) and other electrically programmable devices.

Fibre Channel Products (41 suppliers)

Fibre Channel products include hubs, directors, servers, adapters, etc.

Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) (122 suppliers)

Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) have a different architecture than SPLDs and CPLDs, and typically offer higher capacities. FPGAs are also known as logic cell arrays (LCA) and programmable ASIC (pASIC).

FireWire® Products (56 suppliers)

FireWire products use an interface standard developed by Apple Computer and adopted by the IEEE for very fast digital data transfers. FireWire, a registered trademark of Apple Computer, is a communications protocol for the transmission of data, video, and audio over a single cable at very high bit rates.

Microcontrollers (MCU) (327 suppliers)

Microcontrollers (MCUs) are complete computer systems on a chip. They combine an arithmetic logic unit (ALU), memory, timer/counters, serial port, input/output (I/O) ports and a clock oscillator.

Network Cards and Network Controllers (551 suppliers)

Network cards and network controllers are expansion boards inserted into computers that allow them to connect to a network.

PCI Products (252 suppliers)

PCI products are devices that use the peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus standard. PCI products include bridges, extenders, and power supplies. They also include bus interface, adapter, memory, mass storage, networking, and serial communications modules.

PCMCIA and PC Card Products (250 suppliers)

Products and peripherals for the PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) standard, designed for adding memory to portable computers.

Ruggedized Computers (300 suppliers)

Ruggedized computers are similar to personal computers (PC), but they are intended for use on a factory floor or in other harsh environments.

SCSI Products (406 suppliers)

Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) is an intelligent I/O parallel peripheral bus with a standard, device-independent protocol that allows many peripheral devices to be connected to the SCSI port.

Single Board Computers (SBC) (313 suppliers)

Single board computers (SBC) serve as the motherboard for instrumentation systems including modern PCs. SBCs are composed of a microprocessor, memory chip, and serial and parallel interfaces to communicate with other devices.

VME / VXI Products (256 suppliers)

VME / VXI products is a general search form covering a wide range of peripherals for the VME / VXI bus, including switches, extenders, controllers, processors and interface adapters. More detailed search forms are available for each of these areas.


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Category: Carrier Cards and Carrier Boards
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