Equipment used in the transferring, storing, conditioning and general refinement and handling of solids and powder materials.
Solids and Powder Processing Equipment Categories

Balers (139 suppliers)

Industrial balers compact material into bales for improved handling, transportation, disposal, storage, or secondary processing. Some industrial balers have integrated shearing capabilities (shear-balers). Others can tie or wrap bales automatically

Bin Activators and Discharge Aids (67 suppliers)

Bin activators and discharge aids are solids feeder valves with integral vibrators to promote material flow and prevent material bridging. They are used to promote the steady flow of granular or powdered materials from storage bins, hoppers, or silos.

Bulk Handling Conveyors (564 suppliers)

Bulk handling conveyors carry materials such as grain, coal, pellets or any other powder, granular or bulk media.

Bulk Material Loaders and Unloaders (360 suppliers)

Bulk materials loaders and unloaders are used to fill and remove powders, granular substances and other bulk solids from bags, bins, boxes, carts, drums, hoppers, railcars, trucks, and silos. They often include solids feeders and break down clumps or arches to allow for the more uniform distribution of bulk materials.

Checkweighers (201 suppliers)

Checkweighers are weighing systems used to verify that the weight of a product is within prescribed limits.

Conical Screw Mixers (61 suppliers)

Conical screw mixers use a rotating screw that progresses around the periphery of a conical hopper. The screw lifts solids from the bottom of the hopper to the top, where the mixture flows by gravity back into the screw.

Crushers (168 suppliers)

Industrial Crushers reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or rock dust. Crushers may be used to reduce the size, or change the form, of waste materials so they can be more easily disposed of or recycled, or to reduce the size of a solid mix of ra

Dumpers, Tilters, and Inverters (336 suppliers)

Dumpers, tilters and inverters are used to reposition or empty material handling containers.

Feed Screws and Mixer Screws (98 suppliers)

Feed Screws and mixing Screws are screws or augers placed in bins, silos, extruders, hoppers, or molding machine to provide uniform flow. As the screw turns, process material is mixed and conveyed.

Furnaces (industrial) (447 suppliers)

Industrial furnaces are built of several kinds of high temperature (refractory) materials to hold the process material and hold in the heat without breaking down during the several months that they usually run. 

Gas and Liquid Samplers (156 suppliers)

Gas samplers and liquid samplers extract specimens of media from process streams, reactors or storage vessels.

Grinding Mills and Pulverizers (218 suppliers)

Grinding Mills and Pulverizers are machines that grind materials into fine powders, tiny shards, shapes, or granules on a continuous basis. Often, they are used to process items that are 2 inches (5 cm) in size

High Pressure Processing Equipment (12 suppliers)

High pressure processing equipment is used to preserve and sterilize foods, beverages, proteins, enzymes, and other bioactive materials. This method subjects products to pressures as high as 100,000 pounds per square inch (psi) to inactivate pathogens like bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and enzymes without diminishing product quality.

Hoppers (418 suppliers)

Hoppers are used for the temporary storage of materials. They are designed so that stored material can be dumped or fed to a process easily.

Incinerators (74 suppliers)

Incinerators are used for burning organic material, gases, fumes, hazardous waste, and municipal trash or sewage sludge at a high temperature, sometimes to produce energy.

Industrial Homogenizers (82 suppliers)

Industrial homogenizers are high-speed, high-shear mixers that reduce samples to a uniform-size through maceration, cutting, and blending. They are used to process liquids, slurries, or granular substances.

Industrial Mixers (1,065 suppliers)

Industrial mixers use a shaft, screw, blades, ribbons, impellers or propellers to mix industrial materials such as adhesives, chemicals, construction materials, minerals, coatings and paints.

Isostatic Presses (30 suppliers)

Isostatic presses are used for compressing powdered materials into shaped pre-forms or general products. There are two main types of isostatic presses; cold isostatic presses (CIP) that function at room temperature and hot isostatic presses (HIP) that function at elevated temperatures.

Kilns (industrial) (98 suppliers)

Industrial kilns are very high temperature thermal processing units, used for firing ceramics or calcining minerals. 

Knife Mills and Shredders (209 suppliers)

Knife mills and shredders are industrial machines used for size reduction. They are used to process plastic and wood, film and fiber, medical waste, construction and demolition debris, and many other materials.

Laboratory Balances (235 suppliers)

Laboratory balances are used to measure an object’s mass to a very high degree of precision.

Loading Arms (45 suppliers)

Loading arms are used to load liquids into tanks, trucks, railcars, and other vehicles. They are commonly used in fueling and fluid transfer applications.

Magnetic Separator Components (125 suppliers)

Magnetic separator components are used to remove tramp metal from process flow equipment.

Material Handling and Pneumatic Conveying Blowers (87 suppliers)

Material handling and pneumatic conveying blowers move air through an enclosed system to transport materials. They generate tremendous air flow in a tube (often by a vacuum) to pull granular materials, papers, powders, or pellets from one location to another.

Ovens (industrial) (474 suppliers)

Industrial ovens are batch or continuous process enclosures or tunnels that are insulated and used for thermal processing. Ovens are lower temperature (usually < 1400° F) thermal processing units, usually without refractory insulation.

Pelletizers (74 suppliers)

Pelletizers are process machines that form materials into pellets for use in subsequent operations.

Planetary Mixers (56 suppliers)

Planetary mixers have set of rotating blades that sweep off-axis to the drive motor within a tank. One blade scours the surface of the tank while the other disperses the mixture.

Pneumatic Conveyors (182 suppliers)

Pneumatic conveyors are devices that use airflow to move items or media. Products include air tables, pneumatic tube conveyors, and vacuum conveyors.  

Powder and Solids Blenders (202 suppliers)

Powder and solids blenders produce a uniform mixture of dry or powdery materials. They are designed for industrial and laboratory environments, and provide either batch or continuous blending.

Powder Compacting Equipment (176 suppliers)

Powder compacting equipment is used to shape powders as part of a forming process and to compress a wide range of materials into compact shapes for ease of transportation and handling.

Powder Production Equipment (32 suppliers)

Powder production equipment includes melt atomizers, plasma generators and CVD systems used to manufacture powders, nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanomaterials and other particulate materials.

Reflow Ovens (15 suppliers)

Reflow ovens are used to perform reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards (PCB).

Rotor-Stator Mixers (80 suppliers)

Rotor-stator mixers are single-shaft mixers with an impeller rotating in close proximity to a stationary housing. They are used to rapidly break apart solid particles in a liquid, or to emulsify a liquid into liquids.

Scales and Balances (937 suppliers)

Scales and balances are used to measure static or dynamic loads for a wide range of industrial applications.

Separators, Classifiers, and Screeners (566 suppliers)

Screeners, classifiers and separators are used to separate materials by particle size.

Solids Feeders (506 suppliers)

Solids feeders are used to deliver powder, granular and other bulk solid materials along a process line, or to and from process units, storage bins, conveyors and product packaging.

Solids Granulation and Agglomeration Equipment (171 suppliers)

Solids granulation equipment and solids agglomeration equipment is used to form solids or crystals from powdered or small grain samples (compaction).

Solids Valves (182 suppliers)

Solids valves are used to control or regulate the flow of powder, granular and other bulk solid materials along a process line, or to and from process units, storage bins, conveyors and product packaging.

Sprayers and Spray Coating Equipment (386 suppliers)

Sprayers and spray coating equipment refers to any component used in a variety of industrial spraying processes, including application tools, handling equipment, and supplemental machines. They are used in the process of atomizing coatings, paints, lubricants, solvents, deicing liquids, chemicals, and powders so they can be spray-applied to a surface.

Static Mixers (112 suppliers)

Static or motionless mixers are fins, obstructions, or channels mounted in pipes, designed to promote mixing as fluid flows through the mixer.

Storage Tanks and Process Tanks (1,644 suppliers)

Storage tanks and process tanks are bulk containers of varying size and configuration.

Tableting Presses (98 suppliers)

Tableting presses are used for uniaxial pressing of powdered materials into shaped tablets or compacts - usually at high speeds.

Vertical Conveyors (295 suppliers)

Vertical conveyors are used to lift or lower loads between various levels in intermittent flow operations and where horizontal space is limited.  There are two types of vertical conveyors, reciprocating and continuous.

Waste Compactors (267 suppliers)

Industrial compactors, waste and garbage compactors, crushers and other compaction equipment are used to process wastes, textiles, rubber, fibers and other low-density materials into a finished compact shape.

Weigh Modules (155 suppliers)

Weigh modules are sub-assemblies that incorporate a load cell and are designed to be mounted to tanks, trucks, bins, silos and other applications requiring the incorporation of an integrated weighing system.


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