Any piece of equipment used to monitor, distribute and store process and industrial fluids.

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Adhesive dispensing equipment is used for the controlled dispensation of adhesives and/or silicones. These devices include manual dispensing caulk guns, hot melt glue guns, and an assortment of mix / meter and dispensing systems.
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Crystallizers (38 suppliers)

Crystallizers are forced-circulation evaporators.
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Dispensing Valves (311 suppliers)

Manual or automatic devices for the accurate dispensation of fluid or granular materials.

Ejectors and eductors have numerous uses in the plant such as lifting, pumping, mixing and agitation of liquids, granular solids and slurries.
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Evaporators (279 suppliers)

Evaporators are systems consisting of a heat exchanger or bath, valves, manifolds and temperature controls for conversion of a product (e.g., liquefied gas) from a liquid to a gaseous state.
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Fluid dispensing equipment includes all manner of devices that dispense, mix and dispense, or mix, meter and dispense fluid media.
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Tank Heads (23 suppliers)

Tank heads are the end caps on cylindrically-shaped pressure vessels. They generally comply with ASME standards or similar codes because of the high pressures they must withstand for use with gas storage tanks, driving cylinders, distillation towers, and reactors.
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Tanks and Vessels (2,607 suppliers)

Equipment used to contain or store materials prior to, during, and after their processing.