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Fluid dispensing equipmentFluid dispensing equipment includes all manner of devices that dispense, mix and dispense, or mix, meter, and dispense fluid media. Some examples include adhesives out of syringes, caulk out of handheld guns, and detergents out of a sanitation station. It also includes equipment to precisely dispense media in an accurate repetitive manner controlled by a microprocessor and/or robotic machine.


Fluid dispensing equipment can be configured in a dispense-only, mix and dispense, meter, mix and dispense, or hot melt dispense applications. A dispense only unit is designed to dispense only. It does not mix, nor does it have any monitoring capabilities. This includes manual and power driven dispensers. Mix and dispense units mix two or more items at a determined ratio and then dispense. Meter, mix, and dispense units meter, mix, and dispense items with a determined mix ratio and shot size. Hot melt dispense units melt a media from a solid form and dispense as a liquid. One example is a hot glue gun. Important specifications for fluid dispensing equipment include dispense rate, media viscosity, container size, shot size or volumetric quantity the dispenser can produce in a single cycle, and metering accuracy.


Fluid dispensing equipment mounting types include:

  • container mounted
  • hand held
  • machine-mounted
  • robotic
  • rotary

Container mounted dispensers are mounted on the container from which the fluid is dispensed. Hand held dispensers are hand held to manually control dispense rate and application location. Machine mounted dispensers are mounted on the machine from which the fluid is dispensed. This includes items such as wall-hung soap dispensers. Robotic dispensers are mounted on a robotic mechanism to control dispense rate and application location. Rotary units have rotating platforms from which the media can be accurately dispensed. Model features may be manual or fully adjustable in rotation-speed, circle diameter, and dispensing time. Available in one or multiple stations.

The dispensed form of fluid dispensing equipment can be one of many types. These include:

  • barrel and syringe
  • bottle
  • caulking tube
  • can
  • pail and drum
  • flexible tube
  • glue stick
  • gun handle
  • pen
  • pinch tube pen


Options for fluid dispensing equipment include continuous dispensing, foot control, manual driven, multiple dispensing, power driven, programmable microprocessor, spray system, and suck back control. The dispenser can be capable of continuously supplying a media. This is not limited by a shot size. A foot pedal can be included to control the rate and length of material flow. In a manual driven unit, an operator manually powers the dispenser. Fluid dispensing equipment that is capable of multiple dispensing has features to allow it to dispense multiple fluids or the same fluid from multiple nozzles. Power driven fluid dispensers are powered by an auxiliary source; typically air or electricity. A programmable microprocessor is an electrical control device that controls the operation of the dispenser. This device may control any of a number of parameters that are associated with the operation of the dispenser. A spray system is designed for spraying applications. Examples include cooling lubricants, adhesives, and coating applications Suck back control is a control mechanism that prevents the dispensing nozzle from leaking between intended shots.


Applications for fluid dispensing equipment can be varied. Common applications include adhesives and silicone, cleaners and sanitizers, colorants and dyes, cleanroom and laboratory, flux and solder, foaming and gasketing, food and beverage, and lubricants.

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