Cleaners / Sanitizers Fluid Dispensing Equipment Datasheets

Adjustable Hand Sprayer -- 2310
from Aervoe Industries Incorporated

Easy grip and trigger handle, for non-paint sprayable liquids [See More]

  • Application: Cleaners; Water
  • Container Size: 651
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Dispensing Type: Regular Spray Bottle
Rodale Institute CDS™
from Air Cycle Corporation

Rodale Institute CDS ™ is a system that generates powerful and safe sanitizing and cleaning solutions that are healthy to use, save money, and reduce your environmental footprint. Both the disinfectant and detergent are produced right at your facility from just salt, water, and... [See More]

  • Application: Cleaners; FoodBeverage; MedPharmaceutical
  • Container Size: 45425
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Mix, Meter and Dispense
  • Mounting: Portable, Has Wheels
Front Load Shut-Off Gun -- 33425
from Cat Pumps - High Pressure Pumps & Systems

Balanced front load shut-off gun reduces operator fatigue. Light weight high impact-blend nylon body for durability. Stainless steel seat and ball assembly assures thousands of continuous cycles. [See More]

  • Application: Cleaners; FoamGasket; Water
  • Dispense Rate: 30.3
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Dispensing Type: Solid Stream
Adjustable Spray Wash Bottle -- Model 3340
from Control Company

Wash Bottles have an adjustable spray for every requirement. Set the nozzle on fine mist for TLC plates, position it to needle to rinse glassware, and pump a continuous, forceful jet on the big stream position for washing filters. No-effort pumping The pump trigger is comfortable for one-handed... [See More]

  • Application: Cleaners
  • Container Size: 1000
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Dispensing Type: Solid Stream; Spray Round
800 Series Bag-in-Box Dispenser - Black -- GJ9033
from Spruce Industries, Inc.

800 mL bag-in-box system. Uses SANITARY SEALED â „ ¢, 800 mL bag-in-box refills. Portion controlled. ADA compliant for push force. [See More]

  • Application: Cleaners
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only