Product Announcement from Saint-Gobain Plastic Films and Tapes

High Temp Release Films for Flame Retardant Apps-Image

NORTON® Films and Tapes are used in high performance applications in the Aerospace market, including high temperature release films in the Vacuum Composite Molding, PTFE and Polyimide products used as primary insulation for Aircraft Hook-up and Airframe Wiring, and other films used in rigorous applications for flame retardant, cleanliness, or sealing.

  • Vacuum Bagging Composite Molding:NORTON high performance fluorpolymer based films such as FEP, ETFE, MR, polyimide and our new multi-layer FLUOROLEASE® A technology used as release and chemical barriers which come in direct contact with the composite part. Our high temperature polyimide and VB films are used as vacuum bagging materials in very extreme applications.
  • Aircraft Wire and Cable: Aircraft flight wire requires insulation systems that provide a superior electrical performance, environmental protection, low flammability and cut-through resistance...all in a very lightweight package.
  • Mechanical: High performance films are used in different mechanical and barrier applications through airframe and aircraft engines.
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