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Quantachrome Instruments

"Catalysts - Important Aspects of Chemical Adsorption Characterization"

In this Webinar, we will review important aspects and current challenges regarding the state-of-the-art chemical adsorption characterization of these high-added value materials. Read more...

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Nobody in his right mind would buy a new car and not take it to professional service after a while. Why? There simply is no better way to protect the value of one‘s investment. When it comes to analytical instruments it is exactly the same. Professional service is no less than an operational insurance card: safeguarding instruments from failure and giving users peace of mind. Read more...

More Product Announcements from Metrohm

Our areas of expertise include particle size distribution analysis (micrometer and nano particles), particle shape and morphology, surface area, surface energy, vapor sorption, porosity, density, thermal analysis, and material flow properties. Read more...

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Cambridge Polymer Group, Inc.

CPG assists clients in developing an appropriate battery of laboratory tests that will match material properties to consumer perception, allowing the company to inexpensively screen and predict consumer reaction. Read more...

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