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Andover Corporation

Andover Corporation has promoted these products/services:

Andover Corporation - Standard Optical Bandpass Filters

Andover offers one of the most extensive listings of standard "off-the-shelf" optical filters in this industry. Wavelengths range from the 193nm in the ultraviolet through the near infrared and include many of the primary laser, mercury, biomedical and analytical spectral lines. (read more)

Andover Corporation - IR Gas Analysis Filters

In the infrared region of the spectrum, bandpass filters are frequently used for gas analysis applications. Andover offers a standard selection of gas analysis filters at popular wavelengths from 2.7µm to 10.6µm. We can also produce custom filters at wavelengths up to 14µm. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Steep-Edge Long Pass Filters

Our steep-edge long pass filters employ magnetron sputtered hard oxide coatings to yield deep rejection and a sharp transition to very high transmission. They are deposited on Fused Silica substrates, and do not employ any absorbing filter glasses, making them suitable for high-temperature applications. They are offered in three standard sizes, with custom sizes available on request. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Dichroic Filters

Dichroic filters (color separation filters) are used in a variety of applications where it is necessary to isolate certain regions of the visible spectrum. A few of the more common applications are for use in color enlargers and photocopiers as light balancing filters. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Metallic Neutral Density Filters UV-VIS-NIR

Neutral density (ND) filters are useful in a number of applications such as attenuators for broadband spectral sources, partial reflectors for light balancing applications and for use as neutral beamsplitters. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Long Wave Pass Edge Filters

Often referred to as long wave pass (LWP) and short wave pass (SWP) filters, these sharp-cut edge filters are distinguished by their high rate of transition between their region of reflection and transmission. This high rate of transition makes them an excellent choice as emission filters in fluorescence applications, and as order sorting filters in photometry. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Motorized Filter Wheels

These filter wheels are used for a host of applications, including color CCD photography, fluorescence microscopy, and photometry. Two 4" dia, wheels are available: one which accepts six 25mm filters, and one which accepts twelve 12.5mm filters. (read more)